Monday, April 13, 2015

Burst of Colour from

Well well, how can I sit back and relax without picking up a thing or 2 from my favourite online shopping destination, And here, oops I did it again!! I got some statement neckpieces once again at good price. This time I got them in multi-coloured hues, Isn't spring all about colours?

As I always say, I love me necklaces to stand out. I do not resist myself from experimenting with colour, designs and style when it comes to necklaces. This time I thought of incorporating the brightest hues from the necklace section of

What I Got:
Bid4desire Desneck Alloy, Acrylic Necklace:

This beautiful piece of jewelry comes with pear shaped acrylic pieces wired in silver frames. The shades are vibrant and can pair up with almost all kind of outfits. The design is simple and the main focus is the outburst of colours.

Crunchy Fashion Bohemian Style Flower Statement Alloy Necklace:

What a statement piece it is. It exudes in design and the candy coloured flowers are simply incredible.The inclusion of small white crystals take the design to an extraordinary level and one cannot help but keep on gazing.

Simaya Fashion Alloy Necklace

Another floral design done up in choker design and layered in a descending order. Frankly it can suffice as a glamour item in itself even if you are wearing the dullest of outfits. This piece is sure to catch everyone's attention. 

Hope you liked these necklaces from Try out more designs here in discounted price.

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