Thursday, April 9, 2015

Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream Review

We often use milk as a DIY skin care ingredient for masks and packs. Milk is known for cleaning up, imparting healthy glow and above all removing sun tan. Today I will be reviewing the Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream which has active milk proteins.

About Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream:
Derma Sunshine Herbal Skin Whitening Cream is made from Natural Plant extracts helps to hide visible pores and shrink their size gradually, lightens skin, smoothen the skin, reduce melanin overproduction etc. This herbal skin whitening cream helps to create a flawless beautiful skin providing high permeability with Miraculous Charm. It helps to intercept Ultra Violet Rays UV A, B and C at the same time protecting your skin that’s being exposed to the especially the dark spots. Helps minimize spots & noticeably brighten skin with an unimaginable glow for sure, whitens the skin and gives it a lighter shade , fights wrinkles from within and visibly smooths the skin.

Price: Rs.3000 for 30g Avialble here

Packaging: Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream comes in a transparent square jar with a white cap. The cream is protected by a inner plastic cover.

Product: The cream is cream yellow in colour with a nice mild fragrance and a slightly greasy in texture

My Experience: I am very conscious of using the right kind of skin care products. Generally I go through a proper cleansing, toning, treatment and moisturizing regime. But when I got the Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream I was so glad that it actually does take care of all the issues related to skin. I like the nice white packaging and love the fact that it comes in a plastic jar instead of a glass one. The fragrance is also mild and pleasant. The consistency of the cream is a bit like a face pack, as it may leave a whitish cast on the face. However, after some time it gets absorbed into the skin. The kind of glow that Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream provides is incomparable. It immediately gives a nice radiance and it is very surprising, that too without any silicon. The inclusion of natural plant extracts like aloe vera, lemon, grape and turmeric makes it a fully natural product.

The highlighting ingredient of Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream is milk protein, which is one of the best known ingredient for a flawless glowing skin. SPF 50 is certainly something which you would look out for in your day cream. The cream does not make you feel greasy and the face does not become shiny even after long hours under the sun. I have been using Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream for sometime now and truly it has improved my skin in terms of even tone and much refined pores. Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream is expensive but is worth every penny.

1.100% herbal
2.Has milk proteins
3.Has plant extracts like grapeseed, alo vera and lemon
4.Improves complexion
5.Does not make skin greasy
6.SPF 50
7.Pores are refined
8.Imparts a nice radiance
9.Skin becomes even toned
10.Spots and blemishes are 

1.Very expensive
3.Takes a bit time to blend into skin


Derma Sunshine Herbal Whitening Cream is an excellent day cream that can be a one way solution for your skin woes like blemishes, pores, uneven tone and dullness. In spite of the high price, I would recommend this cream to those who are in serious need of some quick makeover for the skin.

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