Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer Review

For me, carrying a Hand Sanitizer is a must when I am travelling. Today I will be reviewing the Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer.

About Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer:
Dr. Batra’s non alcoholic hand sanitizer contains tulsi extract which possesses anti – bacteria properties & anti-fungal features thus helps in eradicating micro-organisms present on the skin also contains glycerin which’s a skin protector & also gives long lasting moisturizing effect to your skin.

Price: Rs.105 Available here at a discount

Packaging: Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer comes in a transparent rectangular bottle with a spray mouth and a transparent cover.

Product: The santitizer is a transparent liquid with a very fresh aquatic smell.

My Experience: Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer has a very nice packaging with the feature of a spray, which is quite uncommon in hand santitizers. Most of the hand santitizers have a gel like texture, but this one is quite light and watery. The smell is very fresh and aquatic. The hands become a bit sticky immediately after spraying, but after some time it gets normal once again. However, the hands stay soft and moisturized for a very long time, not to mention that the smell also stays for very long.

Most sanitizers contain alcohol, and Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer with its non-alcohoic features is definitely unique. Tulsi makes it an effective protector from germs and prevent from getting allergies. Glycerin hydrates the hands.

1.Does not contain alcohol
2.Enriched with tulsi
3.Glycerin hydrates the hands
4.Hands become soft 
5.Spray option
6.Smells nice

1.Hands become a bit greasy after use


Dr. Batra's Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer does a good job of preventing itching and infection with the powerful ingredient of tulsi. It also ensures long time moisturization of the hands. The spray option is a unique feature, that I have not seen in any sanitizer before.


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