Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Essence Studio Nails Banana File Review

Nail file is definitely a SOS beauty essential. Today I will be talking about the Essence Studio Nails Banana File.

About Essence Studio Nails Banana File:
Two sides, two colours, two granulations – this pink and black nail file is not just a visual highlight for pampered nails! thanks to its ergonomic design, it ensures a perfectly rounded nail shape. the two-step system with medium graining is ideal for gently shortening and shaping natural as well as artificial nails. durable, washable and absolutely essential!

 Price: Rs.149

Packaging: Essence Studio Nails Banana File comes in a plastic holder where the usage is described briefly in different languages.

Product: The file looks very interesting with 2 sides, one coloured in pink and the other grainy black. The shape of the file is like a banana.

My Experience: Well, frankly speaking I am not used to filing at home. I hit the salon whenever I require a manicure, but I wanted to try the Essence Studio Nails Banana File. first of all the shape makes it perfect to give your nail tip a rounded appearance quite easily. All you need to do is file from the outer end toward the inner centre both ways. The black grainy side is for cutting the nail to your required length and the pink side is to shape it. 

Essence Studio Nails Banana File is a good quick -do option to get the much desired shaped nails. The grainy black side which is for shaping works well to file the nails in the perfect length. Although while doing that, a portion of my nail broke, but I guess my nails are too brittle. I like the pink side. It is quite softer and you can actually shape your nails quite easily to perfect round tips. The Essence Studio Nails Banana File gets all my love for the shaping file.

1.Unique shape
2.Easy to shape the nail tips
3.The shaping file is very good for brittle nails
6.Can be used on artificial nails

1.The grainy side can be too hard for brittle nails


Essence Studio Nails Banana File is a very affordable option to get perfectly shaped and groomed nails that you desire. It is a must-have for all who want their nails to be styled and pampered to perfection without much effort.

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