Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel Review

So, the dreadful summers are here, and along with lot of sweating. We live in a humid climate and although while staying indoors we can keep ourselves cool with coolers and air conditioners, going outdoors during summers sound scary. Today I will be reviewing the Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel.

About Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel:
Sweatnil gel is formulated with Aluminium Chlorohydrate which when applied locally, effectively helps to control excessive perspiration.

Price: Rs.159 Available here

Packaging: Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel comes in a blue cardboard packaging. The gel is packed in a bottle with a similar blue body and a white twist open cap. There is a roll on applicator.

My Experience: Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel is a hope in hot summers specially for those who love to toil it out. It has a very distinct fresh fragrance, unlike most of the deos and roll ons available in the market. I am not a fan of these, but due to the claim of anti-antiperspirant properties of Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel I have been testing it. I like the fact that it is a roll on and not a spray, sparing me not to think of "gas or no-gas " factors. The roll on can be applied directly on the places where you sweat the most, like underarms, neck etc. The smell is long lasting and for a considerable time it prevents from sweating.

Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel does a good job of preventing excessive sweating, which is common during summers. But if you have a tendency to sweat excessively then this alone may not be helpful. It has Aluminium Chlorohydrate that is a perspiration control agent. However, excessive sweating is something related to internal health mostly, and cannot really be prevented by any external product.

1.Controls sweating to a greater extent
2. Has a very fresh smell
3. Can keep you fresh even in humid climatic conditions
4. Has Aluminium Chlorohydrate that effectively contros perspiration
5. Helps to control body odor
6. Nice travel friendly packaging
7.Very reasonably priced
8. Useful while travelling outdoors

1.May not be very effective eon people who has a tendency to sweat excessively.
2.Roll-on applicator can be used by a single user


Ethicare Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel is a decent antiperspirant roll on that can be useful when you stay outdoors for a long time, or like to work out in the gym, or love to let your hair down on the dance floor.

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