Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humor is the way to #CrashThePepsiIPL

When you cannot win a war with weapons, win it with humor. Most of the award winning advertisements have always revolved around or depicted humor in some form. While going through the #CrashThePepsiIPL Challenge videos, I could find most of the videos were presented with an element of humor.

Some of the ads that deserves a mention are listed. Not necessarily these ads were made with real mastery, or projected the best creatives. However, the element of humor was present in these advertisements.

This video shows an auto-driver, so thirsty for his passenger's Pepsi, that he is ready to barter his fare charges for a glass of Pepsi. The element of fun, which is projected with absurdity, is quite evident here. But you do not have to make sense to reach the audience right? Most of our popular movies are shining examples of this truth. Also notable, is the performance of the actor who plays the auto-driver here. I wish they could have excluded any conversation, and made the video silent, just with expressions.

I cannot stop talking about this advertisement. Brilliantly performed and conceptualized, this ad truly projected professional touch in all aspects. The element of humor has been weaved almost throughout all the features of the ad. Starting from the concept of Tribal Cricket, to the setting inside a dense forest,to the outfits and gears, a man's back projected as a scoreboard, leaf branches shown as Cheerleader's pompom, and of course the overall presentation. The performances of the main actors are remarkable and every bit professional. Thus the idea has been molded into a very well-made humorous advertisement that truly deserves its credit.

This ad may not be a good example of a well made commercial. However, no one can deny the strong presence of humor in it. The audience, specially college friends can identify with this, as this kind of tricks like hiding food or drinks from friends are a common practice. What makes this funny is that the guy who hides his Pepsi in his shirt, falls a prey to his own tricks, when his friends start drinking from their respective bottles. The idea is good, intended to churn out some priceless memories from our college days, only the execution and the whole presentation could have been a little better.

Again this ad is a perfect cocktail to highlight the main aim of the #CrashThePepsiIPL, cricket and Pepsi are inseparable. You can enjoy the fun of IPL, only with a bottle of Pepsi. The ad is performed very well and the actor's expression of boredom, fear, curiosity and enjoyment is worthy of appreciation and actually brings in the humor to a very simple concept.

No matter how the videos have been made and presented, it is evident that the makers have truly enjoyed creating them, making the whole idea of #CrashThePepsiIPL a major hit.

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