Monday, April 20, 2015

Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea and Love Indian Rose Handmade Soaps Review

Of late I have been loving a brand of soap so much that I cannot get enough of it. I am talking about Indian Earthy Naturals. Today I will be reviewing 2 soaps from them-Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea and Love Indian Rose Handmade Soaps.

About Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea Handmade Soap:

Deriving its qualities from GREEN TEA EXTRACT, ALOE VERA FRESH GEL, RAW SHEA BUTTER, VIRGIN OILS & ESSENTIAL OILS (ROSEMARY, TEATREE, CEDARWOOD, CYPRESS), this aromatic soap is very gentle and soothing. It makes soft foam and delicately cleanses the skin while maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance. Suitable for both children and adults. Green tea is anti-inflammatory and contains an antioxidant known as polyphenols which fight against free radicals. Aloe vera is known for its skin healing and soothing properties, hence this combination of ingredients make this soap, a very skin loving soap.
About Indian Earthy Naturals Love Indian Rose Handmade Soap:

This Milky Rose Natural Soap smells like Fresh Morning Roses, with undertones of Geranium and Tea Tree Oil. It contains ground rose petals and dried whole rose petals on top.
Indian Earthy products are formulated backed by ancient Indian Ayurvedic wisdom, so that you cherish the quality of the ingredients that you apply to your skin and derive benefits of their holistic properties.
This milky rose soap is made with pure rich Coconut Milk, High Quality Skin Loving Oils, Vitamin E, home dried Rose Petals, Essential Oils, Cherry Red food color, Rose Attar. It is super fatted with Apricot Kernel Oil to give your skin the best care while cleansing. Apricot Kernel Oil is excellent for balanced skin, oily skin and hormone reactive skin. It is added after the soap is formed so that you get all skin nourishing benefits. Rose Petals Powder gently exfoliate and give added properties to the soap.

Price: Rs.300 each. Available here

Packaging: Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea and Love Indian Rose Handmade Soaps are packaged in thin plastic wrappers.

Product: The Green Tea soap is light brown in colour with a nice refreshing smell and the IndianRose soap is bi-colored with the base as cream white and the top as ombre pink with dried rose petals on top.

My Experience: Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea and Love Indian Rose Handmade Soaps are very different from each other. While the Green Tea soap has moisture balancing properties, the Indian Rose soap is loaded with nourishing goodness. Green tea is a natural source of antioxidants and can improve the complexion by fighting free radicals. While the rose soap contains coconut milk and Vitamin E that hydrates while rose petal powder gently exfoliates the skin.

 Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea Soap has ani-inflmmatory properties and can be used on babies as well. It lathers well and makes the skin very clean and imparts a nice smell. The skin becomes fresh, however, if you have dry skin , you may require hydration after taking bath. It is more suitable for oily skin.  Indian Earthy Naturals Love Indian Rose Soap is the one I will choose anytime. I have dry body skin and look for products that have hydrating properties. Exfoliating the skin also becomes important for me as I can feel the smoothness post-exfoliation. 


Indian Earthy Naturals Green Tea and Love Indian Rose Handmade Soaps are a delightful experience for the users. While Green Tea Soap leaves skin free of rashes and itching, the Love Indian Soap has a smoothing effect on skin. I would suggest the Green Tea soap for those who suffer from rashes and itching and the Love Indian Rose for those with dry skin.

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