Friday, April 10, 2015

Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm Review

Hey beautifuls, hope you are enjoying TGIF!! Well, of late, my lips are getting very dry, not sure why is that. So, I have been trying different lip balms to keep them hydrated. Today I will be talking about Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm.

About Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm:
Made with nourishing Virgin extra lights oils, shea butter, kokum butter, pure beeswax, and rose attar, this gives a light pink tint to your lips. As you apply this lip balm, you inhale the scent of fresh morning roses…what a perfect and floral way to keep your lips nourished.

Price: Rs.180 for 4 g Available here

Packaging: Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm comes in a simple plastic stick with a transparent body.

Product: The lip balm is rose pink in colour with a wonderful fragrance of fresh roses.

My Experience: Floral fragrances can be really invigorating anytime. Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm with its true fragrance of fresh roses boosts your senses. I love the beautiful bright pink body and the freshness it provides after application. The pink tint that it provides is very subtle and will be almost invisible on pigmented lips. The lip balm conditions the lips and keeps them hydrated for long.

Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm is an excellent lip balm for those with a liking for rose scented things. The lips becomes shiny and remains so for some time. After some time the shine goes off but the lips are moisturized and softened. However, it may not be very effective for severely chapped lips. It is a light weight lip balm for daily use.

1.Moisturizes the lips
2.keep them hydrated for long
3.Makes the lips shiny
4.Made of natural ingredients
5.Amazing smell
6.Cute packaging
7.Provides a very subtle pink tint

1.May not work on severely dry lips


Indian Earthy Naturals Rose Tint Lip Balm is a decent lip balm which does a very good job of conditioning the lips on a regular basis. If you are a fan of rose fragrance, you would love to carry it around in your purse always.

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