Thursday, April 16, 2015

Top 5 Fast Food Joints in Powai

Powai, situated at the suburbs of Mumbai is best known for the Powai Lake and the Indian Institute of Technology. Hiranandani, the central point of Powai, is a place to look out for some local food in Mumbai. The place is filled up with food joints, cafes and restaurants, and cater to almost all sorts of customers,with varied culinary interest. Although considered to be one of the costliest hang out places, Hiranandani in Powai is house to some affordable food options in Mumbai,specially when it comes to fast food.

Here is a list of fast food joints that serve some of the best food in Mumbai, within a budget:

1. Hungry Head: Situated near the Powai Plaza, Hungry Head is all about Maggi noodles. Any Maggi lover will find his ultimate destination here. You will get Maggi in all shapes and sizes at the Hungry Head. The interesting menu has options and variants of Maggi in every thinkable and unthinkable dish. You get dishes like Black Dragon Maggi, Biriyani Maggi, Bombaiya Magbhel and Margherita Magizza. A quirky place for funk-lovers indeed!!

2. Fasoo’s: Fasoo’s is a chain food joint available in various places. There is a branch inside the Galleria Shopping Center of Powai as well. The specialty of Fasoo’s is their wraps. They offer a wide variety of wraps that are tasty and always in demand. Their menu includes wraps like Veg Mac & Cheese, Fiery Paneer Tikka, Mutton Boti and Double Cheese Meatball. They also offer lunch boxes with rise and gravy.

3. K3 Snacks: K3 Snacks situated inside the Ventura shopping serves the best chaats and samosas in Powai. It can be a delight for any vegetarian who has a knack of North Indian fast foods. Starting from sandwiches, pizzas, burgers to various Chaats like sev puri, Cheese Chola Samosa chaat, Dahi Chole Patties, you get everything here. They are also famous for their authentic and tasty sweet delicacies like Anguri Malai, Gajar Halwa and Malai Sandwich.

4. Hangla’s: Hangla’s is famous for serving the best of Kolkata based fast foods. It is a dream destination for non-vegetarian who love Bengali style food. Their menu include some of the best snacks like plain chicken roll, Nawabi Mutton Roll, Kabab, Biriyani, Fish Fry and Chicken Cutlet. They also serve lunch packs of different variations for office goers.

5. Noodle Play: Noodle Play serves easy Chinese fast food boxes. Their menu is simple but loved by those who like to get a taste of Chinese Food while on the go. The non-complex menu card has options of Noodles in Hakka and Burnt Chilli Garlic style. You can customize your option by including the ingredient of your choice like paneer or egg. This is a food joint to cater to your individualistic taste.

So, these are some of the well-known and most sought after snack corners in Powai. People from various parts of Mumbai flock to these joints to get the best experience of street food, leaving famous posh restaurants. These food joints are a definite visit if you are a lover of Street food.

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