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Treatment for hair loss: Tricks to beat the summer heat

Maintain healthy and beautiful hair this summer by following hair fall treatment tips. Learn how to manage your hair by adopting a proper treatment for hair loss.
Hair fallen on your shoulders, towel, and even the hair brush can get annoying. There are many reasons for hair fall such as aging, heredity, injury, or hormonal changes. But when it is summer, the season can take a toll on the health of your hair. To avoid hair damage, you need to protect your hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun by getting an excellent hair fall treatment. You need to understand why it is important to get a safe treatment for hair loss. Read further to check out the best hair loss solutions.

·         Causes of hair loss in summer
Sweat is the major reason for hair loss. Due to excessive heat, the pores of the scalp open up, secrete oils and spread the sweat all over the surface of the head. In such a case, your hair gets weaker and more prone to falling off. At times, you are tempted to keep scratching your scalp because of the excessive irritation, which is one of the causes of hair loss due to dandruff. In turn, the extreme itching makes hair fall even worse. To avoid losing hair and getting bald patches on your head, you should opt for a nourishing hair fall treatment.

·         Wash hair regularly during summer
We sweat more during summers due to which the hair is tangled. Washing your hair regularly with a mild and non-chemical shampoo acts as an effective remedy for hair loss. Whenever you get back home after a long and tiring day at work, make sure that you rinse your scalp so that the dirt is washed away. Ensure that as a part of your treatment for hair loss, you always use a shampoo that has natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. The reason for this is excessive chemicals that can rupture the hair follicles. Also, try to use one particular shampoo and not switch brands because your hair needs to get adapted to specific ingredients. If you are using a hair conditioner, ensure that it does not take away the necessary oils produced by the oil glands on your scalp and end up leaving it too dry. While scrubbing your hair with shampoo, gently massage your scalp without damaging or pulling any strands. While having a shower, people tend to lose more hair because they tend to scrub their hair in an inappropriate manner. Rough handling can add to hair loss.

·         Wear a cap and avoid direct contact with sunlight
You may want to take a stroll in the park on a sunny evening or unwind at the beach. Wherever you go, ensure that you are always wearing a cap or hat. It is one of the best hair fall solutions. Women can go a step further by carrying stylish umbrellas and colorful scarves. It would not only make them look fabulous but also protect their hair from the heat of the sun. People often have a misconception that wearing a cap causes baldness. It is a myth! Wearing a cap does not result in alopecia (hair fall) but it keeps the scalp cool and prevents the hair from getting knotted and messed up. Sometimes, the harsh sun rays cause hair thinning, which leads to patchy baldness in the longer run. It can be avoided if you make sure to wear a cap each time you step out in the hot sun.

·         Eat healthy to promote faster hair growth
Diet and hair care do have a strong relationship! It is not only what you put on the hair that matters but also what you consume makes a difference. Eating regular meals comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals can serve as an effective treatment for hair loss. Try to avoid oily and junk food as it does not help repair the broken follicles. Instead, it only proves itself to be one of the causes of hair loss. Consume more of nuts that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. They protect the hair cells from DNA damage. Walnuts have copper, which helps maintain the natural color as well as keeps the hair firm at the roots. Dark green vegetables and beans help reform brittle hair and prevent hair shedding.

It is true that the rate of hair fall is high during summers, but hair also grows at a double speed. As per science, the blood circulation is better in this season as compared to winters. Due to the warm weather, the body heat increases and it has to work at a faster rate to reduce the internal temperature. As the body works at a quick pace, it develops hair cells and improves the hair growth.
Summers require a little additional care for your hair. Don’t ignore signs of hair fall when you can get the best treatments. Ensure that you maintain healthy hair, which is free from dandruff.

                                                                                     By Amelia Smith

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