Sunday, April 19, 2015

Your Summer Style Made Easy with Tidestore

As summer approaches, our style quotient gets bounded to minimalism. During this time, we have to restrict ourselves to outfits made from fabrics like cotton and linen. This often makes us impossible to choose the cuts and styles of our choice. Even if we like something, that most of the time comes with a steep price tag. However, Tidestore is a place where we can shop for the style of our choice from a variety of outfits and shoes to choose from.

About Tidestore:
Tidestore is an online store which offers an wide array of things to match up to your style. It has the latest trends in dresses, shoes, lingerie, jewelries and accessories which can be bought at very affordable prices. Not only that, it has options of 24 hours shipping and free shipping on order above $59.

Summer Style at Tidestore:
Tidestore has thousands of styles and designs to pick from that matches the latest trends of Summer. The designs showcased on the ramps throughout the world are available in dirt cheap prices at Tidestore. 
Here are few of their offerings that can be bought at wholesale rate:

Wholesale Dresses:
Summer dresses should be comfortable to wear and should not cling to our bodies. The cut should be such that there is ample of space for air to pass, or else it will be very uncomfortable. Outfits available in whites, pastel shades and cool colours, appear soothing to the eyes. Tidestore offers the latest styles in dresses at wholesale prices.
 You can check their wide range of dresses from 

Wholesale Wedges:
Summer fashion is incomplete without the appropriate footwear. An easy breezy dress looks best with perfect with nice wedges. Starting from peep-toes to fully covered, Tidestore has in store, all kind of stylish wedges, at very affordable price, to go with your summerwear. You can check their wide range of wedges from

Wholesale Jumpsuits:
Jumpsuits will never go out of style. It is the trendiest wear at any season. The most interesting thing about Jumpsuits is you can wear them for any occasion, be it while going for a lunch date, or strolling in a park, or even while partying hard. Tidestore has in its collection, some really trendy jumpsuits that can be worn for any purpose. These are available in real steal deals. You can check their wide range of Jumpsuits from

No matter, what’s your style mantra, you will find your kind of outfit at Tidestore. The website is very easy to navigate and you can choose your choice of products by filtering them out according to size, price and popularity. So, if you are planning to keep up your summer style quotient really hot at a cool price, head to Tidestore.

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