Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beat the Heat with Sheinside this Summer

Summer is all about being cool and trendy, without compromising on your comfort. Come summer, and we generally opt for cool shades of pastels, whites, nudes and beiges. Light accessories and fabric that has enough space for breathing do the trick for the hot climate. No matter what your style is, you will find it here at Sheinside.

Personally, I like Vintage fashion, and fabrics that help you stay cool during the hot weathers. Prints, sheers, short dresses, maxi dresses and Shift dresses, along with some funky accessories, I like to recreate retro fashion. So here are my choice.

Available here

This bird printed shift dress is just perfect for a day out and will look great on cone and apple shaped body types.

Available here

These flats will be your comfort wear for the entire day, no matter if you are just shopping out with friends or going for a movie date.

Available here

This funky and shiny bag looks cute and will reveal the cute you.

Available here

Although this is very classy and vintage, the bracelet will help in toning down the funk factor a bit and balance it by putting forth your feminine side

Available here

You cannot go wrong with these shades ever and with this look, you will just rock in these glares.

Here is the look I would love to create for this hot weather from Sheinside. Let me know if you like it? Check Sheinside for outfits and accessories to create outstanding styles.

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