Friday, May 8, 2015

Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum Review

Unlike my skin, which is thankfully quite well-behaved, my hair has been quite unruly and arrogant all this while. I have tried and tested many products. Some might have worked for me for sometime, but again problems start to arise. Today I will be reviewing the Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum, which I have been using for sometime now.

About Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum:
Dr.Batras Hair vitalizing serum helps to prolong the life cycle of hair. Restores the vitality of hair and makes hair more denser and stronger. It also contains Thuja, which is a good DHT inhibitor balancing the scalp oil production by improving blood circulation and cleaning out clogged hair follicle thereby preventing hair loss. Key benefits ? Helps to make hair stronger ? Helps to reduce hair fall ? Helps stimulate hair growth ? Helps reduce hair breakage ? Helps regain vitality of hair

Price: Rs.550 for 125ml Available here

Packaging: Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum comes in a white cardboad packaging with chrome yellow borders. The bottle inside is totally white with an interesting nozzle mouth and a cap to close it.

Product: The serum is light brownish in colour with a watery foamy texture and smells incredibly good.

My Experience: Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum came to me just at the right time, when I was looking for something that addresses hair fall issues.Generally hair vitalizing serums smell very strong and unpleasant.Unlike any other hair vitalizing serum, Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum smells wonderful. It is very light in texture, almost like water with a bit of foam. As directed I apply it on the areas where I see maximum hairfall. When a particular area of your scalp suffers from maximum hair fall, it becomes hard. The serum is not at all sticky and gets absorbed very quickly which I love. The natural extracts of ginseng, capsicum and pisum sativum Sprout ensure that the product is free from harmful and damaging chemicals

Well, now about the benefits that I have got by using Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum. Other than hair fall, the other issues that I suffer are split ends, frizziness and breakage. After using the Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum every night before going to sleep, these issues have been addressed to a large extent. My hair has started behaving quite well and there is absolutely no problems of breakage. Frizziness is still there, but the hair looks quite voluminous compared to before. Hair fall is not checked completely, but obviously it has reduced. However, as claimed I have not seen any hair growth. But I feel, the results will be visible once I continue using the serum for long.

1.Made with natural extracts of ginseng and capsicum
2.Makes the hair voluminous
3.Controls frizz to some extent
4.Nice packaging
5.Nice smell
6.Controls hair fall to some extent
7.Reduces breakage and split ends
8.Is not greasy

1.Visible growth of new hair may require more usage


Dr.Batra's Hair Vitalizing Serum is a very good hair fall rescuer. It can actually be used by all, who are suffering from any hair related issues like breakage or frizziness.

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