Monday, May 25, 2015

Eeshha Herbal Cocoa Face and Body Moisturizer Review

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing great. Firstly, sorry for being so irregular with the blog as I am so busy lately. Yea, I'm going to give the same excuses now like I've my boards this year, I'm not getting time and bla bla bla! Keeping all that aside let me tell you that today I'm going to review EESHHA HERBAL COCOA FACE AND BODY MOISTURIZER which is meant for normal to dry skin. So, without wasting time let's just get into it.

ABOUT EESHHA HERBAL COCOA FACE AND BODY MOISTURIZER: It contains cocoa butter which prevent water loss and dehydration, provide flexibility to skin, gives a soft and toned skin. Penetrates deep into the skin and makes it smooth removing roughness. Mineral oil gives lubricant effect, glycerine prevents loss of water from skin preventing dryness. Cocoa Butter retains skin moisture.

Price: 165/- for 100 ml Available here

Use: Take sufficient quantity on your palms and apply evenly on your face and body.

Packaging: The product comes in a white bottle which is sealed with plastic all over when newly bought. It has blue, green, red and black scriptures all over. The detailed information is provided on back of the bottle. It has a flip cap.

Product: The product is a light pink thick liquid which is very non-greasy and non-sticky. It has a mild fragrance.

My Experience: If you have been following Beauty & Beyond for a long time then you must have known that we received a whole lot of products sometime between Christmas and New Year from Eeshha Herbal. Yea, it is taking a while for me to review all of them. Okay so this moisturizer was also a part of that haul. Now, let me tell you something that this winter I faced extremely dry skin. I tried out every tips and tricks to fix it but nothing worked and the EESHHA HERBAL COCOA FACE AND BODY MOISTURIZER arrived just in time.

This moisturizer works wonders. It controlled my dryness, kept my skin hydrated and gave it a fresh feeling. It penetrates deep into the skin and gives an even toned glowing skin. The only con I found is that it settles near the mouth of the bottle and forms a residue which I found a little messy. It makes the skin soft and supple.

  1. Affordable
  2. Mild fragrance
  3. Hydrates and freshens
  4. Non-greasy
  5. Blends easily.
  6. Makes skin soft and supple
  7. Light on skin
  8. Non-sticky
  9. Contains Cocoa Butter
  10. Even toned skin
  1. Settles near the mouth.
  2. Packaging can be improved.
Rating: 4/5

Overall, I think it's a great product and worth trying. Those who have dry skin and are looking for a solution to it go get your hands on this moisturizer. You will not regret it.

By Airene

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