Thursday, May 7, 2015

Effective diet plan for weight loss

Most people can’t get through the holiday season without adding some extra flab to their body—but that’s okay! At the end of the day, you are in charge of your well-being, so start this with some resolutions that will help you cut fat and gain health. Devising a diet plan is not so tough when you know the rules. Here are tips to chalk out an effective diet plan for weight loss. Focusing on nutrition and meal plans is all you need to completely transform your body in a positive way. So, read on for steps to form a diet plan for weight loss to meet the new you in the New Year.

Set a six-week diet plan
An effective diet plan for weight loss needs to be followed for 4-6 weeks to get real results. But the first step is to set a plan. Your daily intake of food will be limited to 3 meals and one snack. For this New diet plan, especially for those who prefer to get readymade meals, breakfasts are supposed to be no more than 250 calories, lunch is 350 calories and dinner should be set to 450 calories. Additionally, you get to pick one snack every day, but do not cross 250 calories if you want a diet plan for weight loss that works. Make sure the meals in your New diet plan cover a variety of nutrients. You also need to drink water throughout the day and include beverages like tea and coffee to keep yourself hydrated. On top of all this, drink 300ml skimmed milk—with tea, coffee or on its own—because you need the calcium.

Make things interesting
Colour up your New Diet Plan. Assign a colour to each day of the week and you will not only remember your meals but also keep things interesting. For instance, make your Mondays purple with eggplant and plum or keep Tuesdays as yellow day with corn and grapefruits in your meals. You can even go for theme-based meal plans. For instance, make a green pizza with some artichokes and emerald bell peppers. But don’t limit yourself to fruits and vegetables you already eat all the time. Next time you are at the grocery store, pick something new and find where it fits in your rainbow meals. Of course, we are strictly talking about healthy, nutritious food in this diet plan for weight loss. Include plenty of fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Follow a strict diet for weight loss
At last, comes the abstinence and endurance part. Say no to chips and soda. Your salad dressings should be fat-free and your beverages sugar-free. Resist craving. We know this particular part is tough, but there’s no point making a meal plan diet for weight loss if you are not going to stick to it. Anything on top of your designated meals is going to derail you, so when you feel a craving to eat, just pop a gum in your mouth or brush your teeth—anything that keeps your mouth busy. Or else, keep a cup of tea or water handy. Also tell your family members and close friends about your weight loss resolutions so they can lend you some valuable support. You can also turn to them every time you find yourself giving in.

So, refresh yourself this Year. Embrace a healthier, slimmer body by following these steps to form a diet plan for weight loss and most importantly, stick to it. A little perseverance will go a long way in helping you shed those extra pounds, so stay strong!

 By Amelia Smith

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