Thursday, May 7, 2015

#EkNayiLeague Ek Nayi Soch

As a kid I used to sit with all the elders and watched the cricket matches of the 80s. Although I hardly understood anything, I just enjoyed the thought of some great men playing for our country and one of the few shining Knights I knew about was led by the one and only Kapil Dev. Everything starting from his strong persona, to the way he puzzled the batsmen was not possible by anyone of his time. And topping everything, what made a permanent impression on me was his smile.

So, when Mr. Dev is bringing to us his #EkNayiLeague, it must be something very interesting. The promotional campaigns have already become viral and lots of guess work have started doing the rounds, about what the show must be on. As Kapil ji says, "If you play with your heart you will fail #EkNayiLeague", we may assume that it does not require a heart. When you do not require your heart to do something, use your mind. 

Like everyone else, I am assuming that Kapil ji’s #EkNayiLeague has something to do with a game show that requires your mind and concentration. Perhaps it will involve a team of players who will have to undergo some tough rounds that obviously requires a lot of mind work. Possibly it is a mind game, where the ones who plays around with their mind emerge as the winners.

Another possibility for #EkNayiLeague can be a Quiz show. Perhaps a team of participants will have to undergo some grilling rounds of the toughest questions, and of course a Quiz cannot be played with your heart, but mind. I am not sure if Kapil ji will be the Quizmaster, but would love to see him play this role.

There are other guesses regarding the show. Most of these include Dance shows or music shows. However, I am not convinced as both these forms of contests strongly require the involvement of a strong yet passionate heart. So, as for me the possibility of #EkNayiLeague as a dance or singing contest is definitely quite feeble.

Kapil ji has asked us to follow his Twitter handle @therealKapilDev in all the videos. There can be a chance that the entire show involves a lot of twitter activities. Perhaps it will take place via tweets. May be some teams will be formed and they have to tweet about something. That would be a fun for all Twittaratis out there.

No matter what #EkNayiLeague is about, it surely has garnered a lot of interest and made us think out of the box, regarding its content. The presence of the legendary cricketer Kapil Dev, and the very unique way of promotion, has definitely made it a hit among the audience all over India, even before its start. I would be very interested to know what comes next and will surely follow every update regarding #EkNayiLeague.

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