Friday, May 22, 2015

Experience #NioxinNowInIndia for a Scalp Facial

Last Saturday had been a whirlwind of happenings for me. I attended back to back events, and frankly all I needed at the end of the day was a  nice head massage. It ended exactly that way. Read to know how. Few of the bloggers were selected from Blogadda to attend an event about Nioxin, at Nalini's & Yasmin Salon, Bandra.

We were greeted and introduced very warmly by Natasha from Nalini & Yasmin salon and Harsh from Wella. They introduced us with the brand Nioxin and made us aware of all the good things that the 3-step system is capable of. Incidentally, Nioxin is a brand addressing the issues of hair thinning. It works as a super cleanser for the scalp and makes each hair strand voluminous. This process gives the hair thickness and vitality. In short, like our face requires a facial, so does our scalp and Nioxin is here to give a Scalp Facial.

The regime via Nioxin involves 3 basic steps: Cleansing, Revitalizing and Treatment.
The process of cleansing, as it sounds is involved with the cleaning of the hair and scalp.  Revitalizing involves the use of a conditioner that balances moisture and provide resilience to hair.
Treatment has antioxidants and botanicals that help the scalp give a refreshed feel. This process should be repeated everyday, without fail, to achieve a denser and thicker hair. The results are 70% thicker hair within 4 weeks.

After the learning session, each of us, bloggers went through a test wherein, the experts carried out a series of question and answer, filled a form accordingly, scrutinized our hair and scalp and then suggested if at all, we need to take up the system. And guess what, I was the chosen one. 

I was given a salon only, dermabrasion treatment. It felt very cool and minty. That is what I was talking about in the beginning. The relaxing session just took away the toil of the day and I was left refreshed and energized. Then the dermabrasion treatment was left to get absorbed for 10 minutes, after which the usual Cleansing, Revitalizing and Treatment was followed, after which, Harsh gave me a much needed hair makeover, in just a few minutes.

I am very happy with the results and have started to use the Nioxin 3 Steps kit regularly. I will let you know about the results with a detailed review, after 20 days. 

Till then learn about it, and if you also happen to suffer from hair thinning, go grab  #NioxinNowInIndia for a thicker and bouncier hair.

"You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with

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