Monday, May 11, 2015

I Want you to be #StressFreeMom

Dear Mom, do I know how much you care about all? Perhaps yes, or perhaps no. Mom, I will never be able to dive into the depth of your feelings towards every one, I can never really reach the height of your caring for all, nor can I ever value the kind of stress you put yourself into, just to spread happiness.No mom, it is not that easy to measure the strength of care and the power of love, you possess. You have seen it all, have taken in all sorrows and given only happiness in return. Do I even know how much you have borne on those shoulders of yours, all these years? No mom, but I have an idea, when I see those shoulders, that once carried me everywhere have now become weaker with age and stress. I can never really return a portion of what you have given, but at least can try to make you stress-free for some time. I have decided to give you a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil Massage to make you #StressFreeMom.

You have taken all our worries, all through these years. During exams, you had stayed awake all through the night by my side, when I was studying. The next morning as I woke up late, just to find you already preparing the breakfast. When did you sleep mom?
You worked the entire day to make the family happy. I could see your tired eyes at the end of the day? But did I ever see a moment of anger or unhappiness? All I know of is your ever smiling face, no matter how much pain you were bearing inside you.

You always celebrated my birthday with much fanfare, preparing all my favourite dishes and making preparations for the birthday party, throughout the day. When I went to college, I went out with friends and returned late in the night on my birthday. You were still awake, hungry, waiting for me, while everyone else was sleeping. You waited for me to cut my cake with you mom, you waited for me to have dinner with you!! Could I understand how much grief I had inflicted you that day?

You still wait for me eagerly, when I visit you mom, you still make my favourite dishes, still caress my hair before I go to sleep. And I know you still bear the stress and tension that I go through, even I share those with you or not. So today, I have decided to bring a little bit of relaxing time just for a few minutes, with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil Massage to make you #StressFreeMom.

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

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