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Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter Review

When my husband went to Singapore for the first time ( for work), he got me a large box of chocolates. The interesting thing about it was that, it was a box full of Mint chocolate. I was a bit surprised and being a chocolate lover, did not really like the idea, however, once I tasted it, my opinion totally changed. And now when I received the Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter to review, that memory is again refreshed.

About Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter:
Choco Mint Lip Butter is formulated to nourish, repair and protect lips. The active base, rich in vitamins, contains Bees Wax, Butters (Shea & Mango butter). Healing oils are combined with Vanilla and peppermint essential oil to cool and soothe dry and chapped lips.

Price: Rs.100 

Packaging: Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter comes in a tiny plastic jar with a transparent body and white & green stickers all around.

Product: The lip butter is white in colour with a very light texture and it smells of mint.

My Experience: I have a tendency to get chapped and dry lips, even during summers. So a good lip balm or butter is very necessary for me. Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter, with its fresh peppermint fragrance leaves the lips hydrated. It is very nice to see that unlike other lip butters, it does not leave a greasy layer on the lips. The dry lips are soothed and instantly moisturized, subsiding all dryness. There is no layer of balm left on the lips, and the lips appear moist and soft. I enjoy the slight tingling peppermint sensation on the lips, which is quite enjoyable.

Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter is infused with a variety of natural ingredients. The moisturizing properties of shea and mango butter makes it super hydrating for the chapped lips. Essential oils like sunflower, coconut and castor impart repairing properties and protects against the environmental exposure. Beeswax actively softens the lips, while Vitamin E prevents the pouts from ageing. What I love most about the lip butter, apart from its superior softening properties is the wonderful peppermint fragrance which lasts very long. The lips remain soft for a really long time, without the need of reapplication for at least 3 to 4 hours. Generally lip butters are quite emollient and can only be used during winters, or else may end up getting too greasy. However, Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter is a sheer bliss in this regard due to its, non-greasy texture. 

1.Very hydrating
2.Instantly soothes chapped lips
3.Smells of peppermint
4.Keeps the lips soft
5.Lips remain moisturized for long hours
6.Made with natural ingredients
7.Not greasy
8.Can be used any time
9.Cute tiny packaging
10.very easy to carry around

1.Jar packaging requires to take out product with the finger

Rating: 4.8/5

Ida Naturals Choco Mint Lip Butter is one of the best lip butters I have used. My lips, that turn dry quite often, are soothed and hydrated. Not only that as I have been using it for some time now, I can see a difference as my lips do not get dry so easily. This lip balm is a strong recommendation from my side, also because of the peppermint smell.

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