Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap Review

Having tasted a variety of chocolates from around the world since my childhood days, and having spent a good amount of my adult years, in the country of chocolates, Belgium, I can somehow certify myself as a chocolate connoisseur. I love my chocolates and consider the analysis of those attractive bars as an art. However, this is definitely not a research paper on chocolates!! I will be reviewing the Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap today, and I am so excited to write about it that could not really hold the urge to start with such a chocolaty introduction.

About Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap:
❖ Skin nourishing oils condition the skin

❖ Kaolin Clay purifies and nourishes

❖ Refreshing fragrance blend

❖ Helps get a smooth & glowing skin

❖ Formulated for all skin types

Price:Rs. 140 for 100g

Packaging: Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap comes in a transparent thin plastic wrapper.

Product: The soap is a swirl of yellowish brown and greenish blue blended into a solid bar. It has a sweet-tangy fragrance.

My Experience: Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap is very soft and buttery to the skin. It foams decently leaving the skin very smooth and soft. This soap can be used by every skin texture as it does not turn the skin dry. The skin smells extensively of a wonderful blend of the sweetness of chocolate and a very subtle streak of tangy orange note. I would have loved a little bitter touch, considering it is dark chocolate. But I am not complaining as what I have got is wonderful. The skin smells sweet for a long time and does not get dry even after a long time. So, even for my dry body skin, I do not need to moisturize post-use.

The presence of Kaolin clay in Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap gives a deep and purified cleansing while saponified olive & coconut oil leaves the skin moisturized. I am not sure how it will fare on sensitive skin, as often sensitive skin react negatively with citrus oils. Overall Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap is a soap lover's dream.

1.Lathers well
2.Kaolin clay deep cleanses skin
3.Saponified coconut & olive oil hydrates skin
4.Makes skin soft and smooth
5.The skin does not become dry for long
6.Has a wonderful sweet-tangy smell
7.Good for even dry skin

1.May not be suitable for sensitive skin

Rating: 4.75/5

Ida Naturals Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Soap is an outstanding bathing bar, that not only gives a soft and silky skin, but also purifies it with its Kaolin infusion. I would recommend it strongly to all, who have an eye for superior quality handmade soaps. 
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