Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#itspersonal, I am a Slave 4 You

Who am I? I am a woman who, like any other woman of my age loves to be updated with the latest happenings around. But why am I am I feeling so incomplete today? Am I forgetting something? Or am I losing my mind? Yes I guess I am missing one of the most importnt things in my life and that is driving me crazy.

Yes, I am talking about my mobile. Why? It had been with me 24/7, making my life hooked to things that I like doing the most. Be it taking pictures, playing around with the latest apps, gathering some information - you name it and my mobile is the sole source on which I rely for so many tasks and much more.Even if I want to stay connected with my near and dear ones, my mobile phone is the only source. And unfortunately, it has not been working for a day now.

As it has stopped working, my mind also seems to have stopped working. Slowly I am forgetting what I am and who I am. I am forgetting that I am a blogger who takes pictures and write about different things, a daughter who calls her parents every day, a daughter-in-law who always keeps a check on her mother-in-law’s health, a social media influencer who connects with people on social media platforms, a cooking enthusiast who keeps herself updated with the latest recipes, and this, all because of my mobile. This small piece of object had possessed me like a ghost from the past and had opened the doors to the world, just with a single click. And oh! Did I mention about the apps that I had been hooked to all this time? Mainly the shopping website apps that has made things for me superfast, even though I am personally as lazy as ever!! Well I give you one instance. It was my friend's birthday and for the past 15 years I have been wishing her without fail. However, this time I was busy for the entire day of her birthday, and remembered only the next morning, while travelling in the bus. I was feeling guilty and thought of surprising her with something special. The only way I could find was through Myntra Mobile App, through which I could search for thousands of products that could make my friend's day, and selected a cute clutch to be delivered the same day. By that evening I got a call from my friend, thanking me for the surprise gift, and she totally forgot in excitement,that I had never wished on her birthday, the day before.

Thus is the impact of mobile in my life and today without it my mind is totally confused. It has got cluttered with so many rising questions about how will my life be till it is repaired. Is it normal? I have been addicted to my mobile to such an extent, that now, when it has left me in despair, I am thinking of joining a rehab for, well, mobile losers.

To agree or not to agree, varies from person to person, but we cannot deny the strong influence of mobile phones in our lives. No matter what you are or where you are, you cannot do much without it. I agree to it whole-heartedly and although #itspersonal I can even sing aloud, “I am a Slave 4 You”.

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