Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mummy, I Need to Tell You This, From #YoursHonestly

Dear Mom,

As you read this letter, you must be thinking how am I doing, am I feeling good, or am I feeling tired. Yes mom, I know, you are always worried about me and my well-being, no matter where or with whom I am. Even if I forget to call you, a day, you make sure to give me a call, just to know if I am doing well. But mom, be assured I am doing great and why not? I have learnt to feel great by you.

Mummy, just as you taught me, to feel great, act great, I am following your words. One cannot act great unless one is being honest to others and to herself. As they say charity begins at home, so does honesty. You have always guided me to be honest from the time I got my senses. I still remember the day when i was playing with other children and one aunty gave me chocolates to distribute among all of us. I distributed to all, and kept a few with me secretly. When one of my friends who was not there came to play a little late, and came to know that there was a distribution of chocolates, she asked me and I lied that I had distributed all. She started crying and her mother had to come to console her. Listening to that, even you came to check if everything is fine. When you inquired me if there are any leftover chocolates, I denied but could not look into your eyes. I know ma, you caught me instantly and took out the chocolates from my pocket and gave it to that girl. You did not scold me, but took me home and said, how one has to lie a thousand times to hide one single lie. I realized my mistake that very day.

Like any teenager, I had made my career goals, but it required some subjects which I was not that fond of, specially Physics. Do you remember the tuition class I used to attend thrice a week, to take Physics lessons? And when I did not go back to back for an entire 2 weeks to my tuition, you asked me and I lied that the teacher was on vacation. I know now, you instantly knew that I was lying, but did not say anything. At the end of the day, while I was going to sleep, you told me that you knew that I lied and asked me the reason. As I shared my issues with the classes, you were patient enough to listen and later made me understood that how I could have told it before, and avoided the unpleasant series of consequences. Yes mom, you did not scold me, you just explained me lovingly. 

These things made a difference in my life. There are numerous such incidents that I can write pages about from where I learnt so many things from you. I know now , that if I am honest I can lead a peaceful and pleasant life. I will be a mother one day, and I will try my best to impart the same idea to my children. I know you will be proud that day, for me and for the honesty in me.

With lots of love,

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.

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