Monday, May 11, 2015

#MyFirstExpert on Living Life

I see many people attending classes, and taking up courses that show them the simple way to lead a happy life. When one of my close friends was attending one such class, I just accompanied her, out of curiosity. The class was very interesting. I learnt quite a few things, overall it was a nice experience. But didn't I hear most of the things from someone very close to me, perhaps the person closest to me? Yes, I am talking about my mother. Most of the things that the class covered had been already covered by my mom, time and again. 

This lady, now in her 60s, had left a bright career in Performing Arts, just to bring me up. I had learnt the first notes of music from her, the first steps of dance from her, and the first lesson of rhymes from her. Today, I can say, she is #MyFirstExpert on leading and living life. 

There is perhaps an entire world of things that I have been advised by her. There have been few instances, when she initiated to impart those advice and there were times when I needed someone’s advice badly and sought her help. No matter what, I had never been able to hide my worries, fears, happiness, emotions and even lies from her. And all through these years, the basic rules to live life has been simplified by my mom, #MyFirstExpert as:
Be Honest: This is one learning I got from my mother, since the time I got my senses. No matter what I did, she always had taught me to do it honestly. From her I learnt, lying, cheating others and taking the wrong and shortcut way may give me financial strength, but will definitely weaken my mental and emotional strength. Till now I follow this, and maybe I have not achieved many a things, but what I have achieved is a good night's sleep.

Learn From Your Mistakes: We are human beings and are prone to commit mistakes. What I had learnt from my mother is that not to despair and cry over the mistakes, instead learn what to do to make things perfect again. Every mistake we do, yields a scope to learn on how things can be done in different ways to achieve success. I have done a lot of mistakes in my life, but truly I never repent on those that much, as I know, there is still a scope.

Do Not Waste Food: My mother is the best cook in the world to me. However, for higher studies and job, I had to stay in Hostels and PG accommodations, where the food was not really appealing. Since childhood, my mother has taught me to be selective in choosing the food, while taking. I have seen many fellow students taking a plate full of food and then ending up throwing them in the bin. I take small portion of food and retake it when necessary as, wasting food means keeping a major portion of the world starved. That does not mean I eat less, as a true Bengali I eat my heart full wherever I go.

These 3 fundamental learnings to live life may not sound that novel to many, but for me these are words of diamonds framed in a gold plating. I have made these a way of my life, and I am happy, that my mother is #MyFirstExpert in showing me the way of living.

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