Friday, May 22, 2015

#PingPayKaro with Axis Bank

Money Made Easy. How does it sound? Awesome Right! Axis Bank has made money transfer as easy as a click by your finger, or rather by just a ping. This superb App from Axis Bank, called as PingPay will allow you to transfer money anywhere to anyone. Last Saturday, a few bloggers attended a Bloggers Meet conducted by Axis Bank, in association with Blogadda and we were educated about the details of PingPay.

Axis Bank greeted us warmly to their cafeteria with a short & crisp breakfast. Once we reached the Conference Hall, we came to know what we were about to be shown. The session started with the Axis Bank Corporate Communications Team introducing us to the PingPay App. It is always great to know about Apps that would make a boring thing like banking to be interesting and fun.

As and when the session proceeded, we came to know about a lot of features of the PingPay App. Not only can you send money instantly to someone , but you can also ask money from someone too. You have options where you can deny sending money to somebody. The app is so easy and fun to use, you can add your own audio, video and images while sending money too.

PingPay is a Social Media friendly app, that means it can be accessed via Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, SMS or Email. Even you can ask for mobile recharge through these platforms, to anyone who uses this App. This is applicable for both Axis Bank customers and Other Bank customers. However, you can only send money or recharge if you are a Axis Bank customer. The receiver on the other hand needs to have a IMPS enabled account.

The simplified way of presentation of the whole App and the equally interesting inputs from the bloggers present, added to the charm of the day. The Axis Bank Team was very friendly and led us through each step with in-depth details, involving lot of questions. Starting from the registration, to adding multiple accounts, to the process of transaction through the PingPay App, everything was shown systematically.

A transfer through PingPay can vary from Re.1 to Rs.50,000 a day. It is easy and secure, as Axis Bank does not make any bank account details public on any social media platforms. A particular MPIN code is sent which we have to enter every time we login to PingPay app. An auto-generated code is received which should be shared with the receiver. And thus the transaction will take place securely.

PingPay is a very useful and authenticate way of fund transfer via mobile. I am sure, it will prove helpful to many in times of need and emergency. I have already started using it and I will ask all to #PingPayKaro and Life Easy Karo.

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