Friday, May 8, 2015

Shop for Less with 27Coupons

Do you love shopping but cannot really take the time out to go out and spend shop-hopping to get the product of your desire? Your busy schedule is to be blamed for. However, with numerous shopping portals booming around daily, we do not really need to venture out to get the objects of our desire. And if the budget conscious persona inside us, is looking for super duper deals, we have got major help at our hands with 27 Coupons.

27 Coupons is an online portal where you get the best deals from almost all Ecommerce websites. With access and offers from more than 1000 online stores and easy surfing options, 27 Coupons will surely make life much easier for shopaholics like me. Here I will give a few instances where 27 Coupons had helped me immensely to get the best out of the lot.

Recently, I was on a vacation to my native to attend a family wedding. I thought I had packed every necessary items, but when I came to know that there will be a few functions, apart from the usual reception, I was in deep soup as I hardly had any time to go out and shop for some good ethic wear. I started browsing Jabong for their Ethnic Wear collection and found some nice outfits there. But being the deal-monger, I am, I went to the Jabong store at 27 Coupons to check if there are any coupons for ethnic wear, and to my surprise it was Flat 50% off on Women's Ethnic wear. I shopped my heart out and could not thank enough to 27 Coupons. There were so many other coupons available for Jabong, the most interesting ones being 50% off on International brands and up to 80% off on selected products. 

Once the wedding was over, it was the time for Bidai, and we have a ceremony where all the elders bless the bride and groom with gifts. I, being the elder first cousin of the bride had to gift something to both. I had got a gift for my cousin, but nothing for the new groom. Again 27 Coupons came to my rescue and I found an incredible deal where Amazon store was giving upto 82 % discount on watches. I got a very good deal and gifted the new groom with a brand new hi-tech watch. Some very interesting deals that were featured for Amazon included, upto 63% on mobile phones and minimum 50% on selected apparels. 

Both Jabong and Amazon appear on the first landing page of 27 Coupons and the offers, coupons and deals are very easy to access. Here I have spoken only about the shopping portals. But 27 Coupons is not only restricted to to this. You will get great offers and deals for banking, ticket booking, travel booking etc. No matter what your interest is, and what product or service you are looking for, 27 Coupons is here to get you the best deal.

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