Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap Review

Hey beauties, back again with a soap review. Today under the scanner is Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap. Sounds interesting? Let's see how it is in reality.

About Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap:
Coffee and Cinnamon which have natural detoxing and stimulating effects are known to improve blood circulation plumping the skin cells naturally and giving it a healthy glow. Cinnamon also acts as an astringent, tightening the skin and nourishing it. The freshly ground coffee beans act as a gentle exfoliant and fights against premature aging. Cream along with the pure oils used - Olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut oil leave the skin soft, radiant and glowing and super silky with every wash.

Price: Rs,197 Available here

Packaging: Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap comes in a brown packaging with the interesting image of coffee beans and cinnamon sticks. It has an inner white sheet wrapping the soap.

Product:The soap is rectangular in shape and brown in colour with a very mild smell

My Experience: Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap sounds interesting with the aromatic ingredient list. However, as it is typical of Shudhvi natural products, this soap also does not have any distinct fragrance. This is not bad, but cinnamon and coffee together call for a deadly combo of heavenly smell. The soap in itself is really great with a scrubbing texture that leaves the skin polished and soft. I love how it exfoliates the skin and makes it softer.

As I said before, Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap does not have any distinctive smell, but it destroys the foul any foul body odor. So it can be a great choice during the summers. The skin does feel quite soft and silky, without getting dry.

1.100% natural ingredients
2.Exfoliates skin
3.Does not make skin dry
4.Leaves skin fresh and soft
5.Kills body odor
6.foams decently
7.Lasts long

1.No smell of coffee or cinnamon


Shudhvi Naturals Coffee Cinnamon Cream Soap is a good exfoliating bathing bar made out of 100% natural ingredients that leaves skin soft, silky and polished.

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