Friday, May 8, 2015

Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap Review

Me and my handmade soaps cannot stay apart for a long time. Today I will be reviewing the Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap.

About Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap:
A pure Sesame Oil Soap rich in Vitamin E and goodness of Sesame, along with antioxidants and minerals present in Wheatgrass and Ginger rejuvenates the skin, conditions and is excellent for maintaining skin health and keep it young, clear and soft.

Price: Rs.197 for 100g Available here

Packaging: Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap comes in a green cardboard packaging and inside the soap is wrapped in a paper wrapper.

Product:The soap is light brown in colour with a very mild smell.

My Experience: Shudhvi Naturals is a brand where the soaps are actually fragrance-free. Some people may not like the idea, however, from my experience I can say that mild fragrance free soaps are better to use during summers, than strong scented ones. Artificial fragrance dos not only harm the skin, but also cannot play a pivotal role in eradicating body odour. Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap is almost a fragrance free soap, which I like. The soap has a scrubbing effect and therefore softens the skin. Sesame oil is known for it richness in Vitamin E and the skin becomes soft and youthful. The antioxidant properties of ginger makes the skin glowing, while the anti-bacterial properties of wheatgrass makes the skin resilient from allergies and rashes.

It is very hot and sweaty in Mumbai now. I have been using this soap and am very satisfied as it has prevented prickley heat or the usual rashes and redness I get due to sweating during summers. Even I do not sweat that much after using the Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap. The soap lathers decently and lasts for a long time. It has a scrub like texture that softens the skin. Those with extremely dry skin may require a moisturizer as it dries the skin a little. But the skin remains fresh and odor free for a long time.

1.Mae with natural ingredients
2.SLS free
3.Mild smell
4.Prevents sweating
5.Has antioxidant properties
6.Exfoliates the skin
7.Makes the skin soft
8.Lathers decently
9.Prevents rashes and allergies
10.Leaves skin fresh and odor-free for a long time

1.Makes the skin a bit dry


Shudhvi Pure Sesame Oil Soap is a very good exfoliating soap that makes the skin soft and odour free for long. It can be recommended as an ideal summer use soap, to prevent rashes and redness and also prevent sweating.


  1. Good sesame oil in tamil has a strong smell when it is opened. The color should be bright brown or gold.

  2. groundnut oil benefits is high in unsaturated fats, especially monounsaturated fat, like the one found in olive oil.

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