Friday, May 15, 2015

Update Your Lifestyle with #MyAirtelApp

Technology has come to a point, where we can almost do the unthinkable. How better can I explain it when you can get amazing offers just by shaking an app on your mobile phone. Shake karo, Save karo!! The My Airtel App has made life so much easier for customers like me across India. You just have to shake the App and you will get a whole load of value for money offers at your finger tip.

There are innumerable features in the #MyAirtelApp that we can talk pages on. However, here I am going to list down 3 key features that will definitely update my lifestyle:
1. Paying bills or doing recharge: As a responsible citizen paying my bills duly, every month is one of the major things I do. The #MyAirtelApp will make my life much easier by enabling me to pay the bills due, or to recharge whenever I have to, that too, just with a shake. Not only that, the process is so easy and safe that I will not have to worry much about any complications, security issues etc. Oh and did I forget to mention with all the recharges done, I will get Airtel Surprise coupons that I can redeem on purchases of various products or services? So, whenever I do a recharge, I know I can watch a great movie or get a salon service in attractive discounts. 

2. Getting Alerts: This probably is the best feature according to me. Imagine you are making an important call, and all of a sudden it gets disconnected and you are not able to call again, as your balance has hit zero. It happens to me often, and I feel dreadful at this time. However, with the #MyAirtelApp, things are going to be so much better, as I will get alerts when there is low balance. Alerts on due dates, low data etc. will enable me to take prevention from before, and not face any issues later.

3. Explore One Touch Internet: My job requires me to stay online most part of the day. I have to access Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Airtel One Touch will make things very smooth for me with its very affordable data packs. You can even try the service out before actually buying it. And uninterrupted internet connection will make you to connect to you your social networking platforms anytime, without any hindrance. With #MyAirtelApp I can stay connected all the time.

With these 3 superb features, and many more to add on, #MyAirtelApp is a sure shot way to make your life smoother and lifestyle upgraded. I have already started to explore the innumerable possibilities I can explore with #MyAirtelApp. What are you waiting for?

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