Friday, June 12, 2015

En Route Dazzling Skin:#ComeCloser

Most of us often thrive to achieve a perfect skin with flawless texture, dazzling radiance and without any spots or pimples. We often go for chemical treatments or seek help of cosmetics that are filled with loads of chemicals. But do we even think the side effects these potions or lotions may cause, with the load full of chemicals in them. Strangely, very few of us know that some of the chemicals included in these so-called overnight miracles may in fact worsen our skin condition, leading to various skin disorders and often skin cancer.

However, India, a land of ancient medicines and herbs is known for treating serious skin concerns with Ayurveda. Ayurveda can also come from the ingredients you daily use in your kitchen. I have learnt various forms of natural therapies to prevent and cure skin related issues, since childhood from my grandmother, mother and aunts. Here are some of the age old  skin care tricks from my
family, which I share with all today.
Prevent Growth of Body Hair: If you mix up a table spoon full of coconut oil with some sugar and scrub your arms, legs etc, the growth of hair on those areas get restricted to some extent. My mother had used this trick since my childhood and I really do not have much hair growth on my arms or upper legs.

Milk as a Natural Cleanser: No matter what cleanser or face wash I use, at least once a day, I massage and clean my face with a small bowl of milk. You just have to dip a cotton ball into the milk and rub your face gently. Not only does it remove every impurities from our face, but also leaves it radiant and hydrated. It is an excellent method to get rid of tan.

Neem to Cure Pimples: The goodness of neem leaves is known by almost all. A paste made of neem leaves can be applied to acne affected area and kept for 10-15 minutes. The condition will get
much better and the pimple will dry up faster. This is also a good face pack for oily skin to control shine and excessive sweat during summers.

Turmeric as an Instant Glow Mask: Whenever you feel your skin is looking dull and tired, try applying a paste of raw turmeric mixed with coconut or olive oil. Keep it for 10 minutes and gently remove it with circular massaging movements with wet fingers. This may leave your skin with a yellowish tint. So remove the tint with a damp cotton ball. You will be left with super glowing and super hydrated skin.

We do not have to stick to kitchen remedies all the time for a flawless skin. Vicco Turmeric Cream actually is a solution for multiple skin related issues that cures pimples and makes oily skin clean and problem free. It is made up of natural ingredients, inspired by ancient Ayurveda. So, here is a best way to #ComeCloser to naturally radiant skin.

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