Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#HugYourDad to Make His Day Special

Every dad is our role model, the first icon we form in our mind and the best mentor. Do you remember any situation where your dad has not been a big support in all your endeavours? He might not have shown so much excitement on your achievements, but he has definitely been the happiest and proudest of all, that time. 

Do we ever think if dad would not have been there for us, how our lives would have been? It might have been totally disoriented and all our dreams might have gone astray. Father is our strongest critique, our biggest praiser. Therefore he is the one who can guide us on the path of perfection.

It is generally the mothers who sigs lullaby to make you sleep, but for me it had been my father. He used to sing melodious lullabies at night. When he was away for work tours I used to give my mom a hard time and refused to sleep. My dad always made it sure to keep the Sunday evenings free just to take me out to park, or catch a latest children’s movie or a magic show or circus.

When I started growing up, I started making lot of friends and during birthdays or other festivals, I started spending more time with those friends. I till remember it was a day of Durga Puja, when I was supposed to go out in the evening with my parents. My dad who had a busy schedule at that time, specially took off that evening ust to spend time with me. But I had totally forgotten about it and made plans with my friends and came back late at night.

My father waited up there that entire evening for me to return and go out with him. But so selfish I was, I did not even remember that we were supposed to go out that evening, even when I came back at night and he was there. He did not say a single thing and it is only my mom who reminded me and made me realize what I had done. I was being bad that day, very rude and selfish. I wish I can go back in time to that evening and go out with my dad. But I am afraid that is not possible.

However what is possible today is to make his day memorable. Yes we can spend thousands on purchasing a precious gifts or taking him to an expensive restaurant. But is that what he wants now? All he wants now is a small portion of my time. So, like me leave all your important work aside for some time and #HugYourDad to make his day special

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