Monday, June 8, 2015

Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask Review

Blackheads are probably one of the most common issues in any tropical climate. Come summers and I also cannot escape the dark hands of these terrifying monster. Today I am talking about Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask that is said to

About Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask :
Removes excess oil, improves skin complexion and texture, clears clogged pores, kills acne and blackhead causing bacteria, antibacterial & antiseptic.

Price: Rs.500 for 50g

Packaging: Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask comes in a very jar with a twist open cap.

Product: The face mask is a green powder with a nice smell. and a slightly course texture

My Experience: Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask can be used as a scrub as well as a face mask. I have tried using it in both ways. It deep cleanses the skin, gives a fresh energized look to dull summer skin. The skin looks glowing and the pores look shrunk. Blackheads appear lesser, but you need to use it consistently for a better result.

Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask  has a nice minty feel and gives a tingling sensation. The face is cleansed well and the skin looks refreshed, devoid of any dullness. It can be a little drying for dry skin, however, there are options of mixing it up with milk, which is a natural conditioner for skin. I generally apply it with rose water and find the results pretty good for my combination skin.

1.All natural ingredients
2.Great for oily combination skin
3.Deep cleanses
4.Reduces shine and oil
5.Makes skin glowing and fresh
6.Somewhat effective on blackheads
7.Improves complexion
8.Gives a nice minty feel

1.May be drying for dry skin
2.Takes time to work on blackheads


Juicy Chemistry Blackhead Buster Face Mask  is a decent face mask for oily-combination skin. It takes time to show results on blackheads, but if used consistently can give a very flawless complexion, with improved condition.

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