Monday, June 1, 2015

Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser Review

If you have dull skin, do you know what one ingredient is there that would return your radiance back? It is gold and today I will talk about the Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser.

About Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser:
Pure 24k Gold leaf dissolves in cr and with each use fraction (minute) of it gets absorbed in the skin which rejuvenates even the dermal layer of skin, giving a radiant and healthy glow to the skin. You look younger each day. Paste of saffron, extract of Daruhaldi, Manjishtha, Bealgiri, Rakta Chandan give anti-tan effect and make adipose tissues healthy. Oil of Wheatgerm, Rose and Sandal improve texture and tone, substantially.
In just one week ,100% of users showed improvement in texture and glow.

Price: Rs;150 Available here

Packaging: Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser comes in a white and gold capsule shaped jar with a rounded twist open cap.

Product: The cleanser is yellowish gold in colour with a very nice smell and a lotion like consistency.

My Experience: Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser is a wonderful amalgamation of liquid gold and saffron that are the ultimate source of skin brightening. This cleanser infused with the goodness of Red sandalwood, rose and wheatgerm oil is strong on imparting a healthy and beautiful glow. It enhances the radiance of the complexion with daily use. I love the fragrance of the cleanser and the liquid texture makes it very easy to use. Although it has a tendency to get leaked from the jar, but I can fully understand that, as it has the infusion of wheatgerm oil, which is a strong anti-ageing agent. All you need to do is apply the Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser in dots on your face and massage it in for sometime. After that you can rinse it off with a moist cotton. And you will get a very clean and glowing face immediately.

I have been using the Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser every night, after a hard day. I can say it is truly a great tan-removing product. It makes the skin very radiant and highly hydrated. It is a great cleanser for all types of skin, but if you have very oily skin, it may not be suitable for you. Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser is a nice cleanser that improves the complexion in the long run and checks unevenness and sun-tan related issues.

1.Made with all natural products
2.Pure 24 Karat gold is used
3.Nice smell
4.Leaves skin radiant
5.Suitable for normal skin types
6.Leaves skin hydrated
7.Removes sun tan
8.Improves complexion
10. Smells nice

1.Has a tendency to leak from the mouth of the jar
2.May not be suitable for very oily skin


Juvena Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleanser is a very nice face cleansing product that gives a nice glowing skin, with lessened issues related to skin darkening, dullness and tanning.

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