Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil Review

There will be hardly anyone, not aware of the advantages of Argan oil. Although Argan oil is very expensive and is available with very limited sellers in India. However, today I will be talking about the Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil which has changed my notion altogether.

About Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil:
It is a substitute for collagen and thus called Liquid Gold.
It is an organic product, extracted from kernels of Argan Tree.
Rich in fatty acids and Vit E, which makes it exceptionally beneficial for skin

Price: Rs. 800

Packaging: Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil comes in a glass bottle with a twist-open cap.

Product: As said the Argan oil, does look like liquid gold in the bottle. It is a fast-absorbing odorless oil.

My experience: Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil is a non-sticky fast absorbing oil. It is completely odorless and can be used in a multiple way. Mrs. Medha , who is the face behind Juvena Herbals, was kind enough to update me personally on the goodness and multiple usage of the  Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil. The superior moisturization qualities of the oil makes the skin baby soft. It is endowed with anti-ageing properties that helps to tighten skin and help in repair of saggy and loose skin. It is a miracle for dry and patchy skin and soothes immediately. Although it is an oil, it can be used as a night-time leave in treatment for all types of skin. Under eye circles, dark armpits, knees,elbows, stretch marks etc. are treated efficiently with regular use of the oil. If applied on the belly button, this oil can give soft lips without any pigmentation.

I have been using this oil every alternate night on my face, and I am really impressed with the kind of texture it has given to my skin. I used to suffer from some dark spots, which is totally gone after using the  Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil. I am using it on the dark areas on my knees and it has improved the condition considerably. It is definitely liquid gold treasured in a bottle.

1.Very good moisturizer
2. Soothes dryness
3. Dark spots are removed with regular usage
4. Improves complexion
5.Dark armpits, elbows, knees etc are lightened with regualr use
6.Not sticky
7.Quickly gets absorbed by the skin
8.Works on stretch marks
9.Lightens lip pigmentation
10.Tightens skin
11. Suitable for all skin types

1.Glass packaging

Rating: 4.8/5 

 Juvena Herbals Liquid Gold Argan Oil is one of the best skin care product I have used. It is effective on a multiple skin related concerns, specially related to ageing. It is a strong recommendation from my side.
To know more about Juvena Herbals go to their website here

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