Monday, June 8, 2015

Mumbai Traffic Gets a #MaxFreshMove

Do you guys have to travel frequently during peak traffic hours? Well, I have to sometimes and although I love Mumbai, I cannot digest the traffic jam that we face every day in the city. So, be it on a private transport or a public one, you are inevitably to get trapped into the trail formed by the innumerable vehicles blocking the roads.

As I stay in the suburbs, travelling to Central Mumbai or SoBo can be quite challenging for me. It is always the same story, either you end up getting into your work place late or you return home late. So, basically if your actual work is just for 2 hours, just because of the dreadful traffic most of your day is spent in the vehicle. It can be 3 hours, 4 hours and so on. However, thanks to the 24/7 plugged radio, we actually do not feel so isolated.

Be it, inside the bus or the taxi, there is lively music always playing and entertaining you. However, have you ever felt like missing to see the awesome dance moves along with your favourite numbers, while on the go? Well, I do, every-time I listen to the peppy dance numbers, I just think how great it would have been to look at someone dancing to the tunes.

So, when I came to know about the dynamic Allu Arjun and the versatile Anushka Manchanda are coming together, I just can’t stop picturing them together, giving a rocking performance. And how about in the middle of the road, to sway you out of the misery caused by the traffic jam?

Just imagine you are all fatigued, half-dead, exhausted and all you want to do is reach back home to get re-energized, and your misery just took another leap when you are caught in an incessant traffic jam!! What if, all of a sudden the street lights turn into disco lights and out of nowhere you see, a silver clad Allu Arjun taking the centre of the road, along with a golden clad Anushka Manchanda. How exciting will that be?

The electrifying duet of these two awesome performers, will surely make you forget the worries of the entire day. You will obviously feel energized and totally be oblivious of the fact, that you are actually trapped in a traffic jam!! Now isn’t that exciting? The worries, the tension, the urge to be home: everything eased by the duo’s #MaxFreshMove?

Well, I can’t help myself from thinking about that wonderful moment, again and again. Let’s see if this dream of mine ever comes true!!

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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