Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Pox Sufferings & a Bit of #MaxFreshMove

How many of you have suffered from chicken pox? Maybe some of you, maybe everyone or maybe none. Well, the reason I'm asking you this is because I am suffering from it. I'm much better now but I'm still recovering. Those who have suffered from chicken pox know the pain of it. The most horrible part is you can't even move from your bed. Even thinking of staying in the same room and on the same bed for days gives me goose bumps. You can't go out of your house, you can't hangout with friends, you can't spend time with your family, and you can do nothing except feeling the pain of those cactus-like poxes on your body and crying like heck. That's what I did. I felt as if I'm lying on a cactus-bed or something. I wish that the world comes out with something that prevents pox. It's really painful, for me it's even more painful than death.

 Ok, so let me tell you an interesting experience I had on one of my poxy days. I was lying casually on my bed, tired of crying in pain and bored at the same time. Suddenly, the lights of my room started flickering and my night lamps turned into disco lights. My room got converted into a stage with me, the only VIP spectator. All of a sudden I saw two people entering the stage. They were none other than the sensational dancer Allu Arjun and the sizzling singer Anushka Manchanda. To my surprise Anushka started singing with her magical voice and Allu Arjun dazzling up the music with his fresh jazz moves. For the time being the pox-pain vanished and I got lost in their thrilling performance.  The duo continued for an hour. I got rid of all my pains and sufferings and was enjoying their performance to the core. Then suddenly I heard my mom calling me for dinner but I told her I'll have dinner after sometime, after they complete their performance. Suddenly, I started shaking as if there was an earthquake. I opened my eyes and found that my mom was asking me to wake up. Then I realised that I fell asleep and I was dreaming. But it made me happy.

So, this was a dream that made me happy. What if this duo really comes together and show us their #MaxFreshMove? I can't help thinking about this wonderful moment.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?
                                                                             By Airene

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