Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smell Good Feel Good:#SmellyToSmiley

A smelly house can never give you peace. Whenever we think about a peaceful environment, we think about nice and clean rooms, that smell nice. Would you ever consider staying at a place that smells foul of rotten fruits, vegetables or stale food? I am sure, absolutely not. Our olfactory senses are a strong determinant of our moods. If you keep your home smelling nice, it is automatically going to give you a peaceful mind.

I, personally love my home to smell of flowers or buzz with an aquatic touch. But, no matter whatever incense or scented candles I burn, the one thing that I cannot change is the odour of the food that comes from the house. Food when served may give a delicious aroma, but the after effect that it leaves around is not very pleasant, specially if you are more into non-vegetarian food.

Your favourite fish curry may bring water in your mouth, but once you have done with feeding yourself, the smell that is left behind, is quite unbearable. Fish. chicken, garlic and onions are the main culprit in making your home, short of  being the paradise you want it to be. You don't want your paradise to smell stale and rotten. This may sound quite funny, but actually the situation is quite annoying. It definitely affects your mood in a negative way.

And so, my peace is broken and I cannot concentrate on my work. A foul smell, gives rise to a foul mood. Often I have noticed, whenever there is a bad odor, you tend to become more restless and often lose your cool. Whereas a nice smell will make you more focused on whatever things you are doing. Any peaceful place, like religious institutions or library most of the time smell nice, as there are incense burning all the time and moreover, there is no smell of stale or leftover food.

But things are different inside the house. We cannot avoid cooking and so, evidently there will be unavoidable bad smells which incense or scented candle alone cannot take care of. What we need for this is a strong smell that can outdo the foul ones, and leave its impact for a long time. Getting over the bad odours of food is a big task. If our house smells good, we will definitely feel good. We may not realize but often a good smelling house can make us #SmellyToSmiley.

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