Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Tale of The Smell Senses: #SmellyToSmiley

I am not sure if any one of you is like me, as I do not find a duplicate soul who exactly has the same kind of "sickness" like I have. Well, what can I say, it is calling the smelling sickness and inevitably wherever I go, I just kind of smell around, or should I say sniff around? Be it flowers, cakes, coffees or moist earth- you name it and I treasure the smell in my mind.

Now life is not always filled with smells of cakes and roses, mostly smells can betray your olfactory senses and end up making you feel often, why at all, you have the power to smell!! Yes, I am talking about the foul odours that often swivel around us. Often these annoying smells come from outside, where people throw waste products. However, what if the bad smell comes from within the house? It is not uncommon!!

As we are entering the rainy season, the issue of smelly house is going to get increased with the smell of damp or half-dried clothes. Imagine the situation where you have washed a bucket full of clothes and it has started pouring. You will be forced to make your living room as the hanging garden to dry clothes. And the smell that comes out after a while is definitely not a pleasant experience.

What more, as a true Bengali, our household is not devoid of an excess amount of fish items, being prepared almost every day. Well I cannot deny the delicious  flavours that the mouth-watering delicacies provide to our taste buds, but the after effect ,caused by the left overs is surely not going to make anyone proud!!

Well again, being a non-vegetarian has it boons and curse. One of the curses is the excess amount of garlic usage in the food.  No second thoughts about the amazing flavours that garlic provides to the dishes, but what about the whole house smelling like a shop of garlic!! It does not sound so thrilling, right? Well, my house does so. And I am no way proud about it, specially when guests are going to be there.

No matter, how much we try to ward of these evil smells, with dozens of incense, scented candles or sprays, nothing seem to work!! It often gets mixed up with the existing foul smell, creating a more confusing mixture of unpleasant odour.We actually need something that can drive away the smell of these things, and can instead make the house smell good. I dont have to think twice while calling guests, even during the monsoons. Let's see if we can find something like that, which can make our house #SmellyToSmiley

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