Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tips for men in rainy day!!

Hello guys,
Isn't that frustrating to watch your favorite pair of pants get soiled in rain??We feel irritated in rainy days as everything we wear is somewhat wet and not as much dry as in other days.


Today I am gonna tell you what to wear in rainy day to look stunning and some tips t maintain your clothes in rainy days.


  • Rain-ready outfits

Avoid wearing jeans as much as possible,save them for the dry weather and buy yourself some great looking chinos. They come in a variety of colors and are great for the rain. Fold them up to your ankle, and you’re ready to go!

Cotton blend shirts are great for the rain as they’re breathable and dry easy. Try an olive green colored cotton shirt with navy blue chinos. If you’re a little more experimental, take a crack at some deep red chinos and match them up with a grey or khaki shirt.screenshot2
You can also wear cool T-shirts with some dark colour as light colours get dirty and also get faint washing hard."V"neck T-shirt with full sleeves will look more attractive in rainy days.Avoid wearing collared T-shirt as its is also difficult to wash.

  • footwear

Women always  have many shoes and many choices to wear in any season but when it comes to men,they don't have that much.If you like wearing boots then wear that in rainy season.Else If you’re looking at a slightly trendier pair, try looking out for high tops in subtle colors. Another great alternative is a pair of loafers with a rubber sole, as they give you a great grip on the slimy ground.screenshot3
The best way to safeguard your shoes would be to dry them in room temperature. Using a hair dryer or a radiator will only damage them further.
  • Protection

An umbrella is your best friend in the rain. Foldable umbrellas are easy to carry around, and can fit in almost any bag, so if you’re a man of convenience, then this umbrella is perfect for you. If you want to add a little style to your outfit, the classic curved handle umbrella will suit your purpose. No matter what your style, a dark, simple umbrella is all you need to look refinedscreenshot2
If you don't like umbrella and feel awkward to carry  there is also another option for you that is of "Rain coat".You can wear fancy rain coats that suit you shirt or T-shirt.You will look dashing in that and fascinating.screenshot3So these are some tips you can follow to look your best even during heavy rainfall.
By Abhishek Sharma

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