Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review

Hey beautifuls, how is the extreme summer heat treating you? The problems of summer skin is dullness and darkness due to extreme sun rays. So, for me, I look for products that can control and address these issues to a greater extent. The Za True White Exfoliating Clay came at a time when I was in desperate need of something that can give eve and bright skin tone.

About Za True White Exfoliating Clay:
This Whitening Clay mask that instantly exfoliates excess surface cells, removes impurities around pores, absorbs sebum, and instantly imparts translucent, glowing and radiant skin.

Price: Rs.399 Available here at 15% discount 

Packaging: Za True White Exfoliating Clay comes in the usual white and pink packaging of Za products, with a white flip-open cap.

Product: The mask is white in colour with thick consistency and very minute beads. It has a nice mild smell.

My Experience: I always like the simple packaging of Za products and the Za True White Exfoliating Clay is not an exception. The smell s also of their True White Range, very mild and nice. The consistency is thick, however, there is a tendency of the cream/thick part getting separated from the water. But when used on the face it creates a thick layer and the beads are quite gentle on the skin. After 1 minute of massage and rinsing, the skin becomes very bright and all signs of oil and impurities recedes. The skin is left fresh and radiant.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay is an instant brightening product. I use it twice a week and have found that it gives a really visible transformation to the skin. Not only is the skin revived and the skin tone improved, it actually gives a pinkish glow. I can notice a decrease in blackheads too, which is very promising.

1. Exfoliates well
2. Makes complexion bright
3. Reduces excess oil
4. Removes dullness
5. Makes the skin fresh 
6. Smells nice
7. Good packaging
8. Gentle beads

1.May be a bit drying for very dry skin
2.Has a tendency to get separated from the water


Za True White Exfoliating Clay is a very nice purifying product that truly deep cleanses the skin, ousting all impurities and leaves skin fresh and radiant.

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