Friday, July 31, 2015

Every Selfie is a Good Selfie with Asus #ZenFoneSelfie

My attempt to take a perfect selfie has always left me utterly disappointed. No matter from what angle I try to take a good one with the perfect pout, posture and attitude, I fail miserably. So, when  Asus launched their #ZenFoneSelfie, I was surely one of the most excited ones.

How #ZenFoneSelfie is going to change the definition of taking selfies, will be clearly understood when I jot down the issues I deal, on my mission to capture the best selfie.

The Hazy Selfie: This is probably the most common issue I face, no matter how much ever I try, the front camera of my phone never can charge up enough to give me a clear picture, making it blurred and hazy.

Landybridal, Your Destination of Homecoming Dresses

Your ideal outfits for homecoming may not be that easy to get. Homecoming outfits should be pretty, chic and at the same time should reflect some elegance. Another issue of buying the best outfits for homecoming is the high price. But we have a solution for your best outfits with Landybridal.

About Landybridal:
Landybridal are a leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer having their own factory; They have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years (since 1999), and performs both wholesale and retail business, also accepts OEM orders. All products are guaranteed and most of the items are of high quality and they provide excellent customer service to help the customer make any dream wedding come true.

Aroma Essentials Lavender Body Mist Review

I have been trying a couple of fragrances of late. As you must be knowing by now, I love my perfumes, providing they please my olfactory senses. Today I will be talking about Aroma Essentials Lavender Body Mist, one of the very few cruelty-free brands that makes body mists.

About Aroma Essentials:
Aroma Essentials is a range of skin care products that may make a useful addition to your daily skin care regimen. These include cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, exfoliants, facial cleansers, toners, retonoids, herbal and nutrient supplements, and cosmetics.

Scholl Express Velvet Smooth Pedi Revisited, Reviewed & Offer!!!

Hey guys, few months back I had started using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and believe me, since then I have not visited the salon, as quite often as I used to for pedicures. Yes, I dont visit salons for facials, but one ritual, I had been particular about has to be my monthly pedicures. So, when Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi came to my hand, I realized how much of  help it would be, but did I realize it will actually come to my pedi-rescue? Perhaps not!!

This June I had been to Bhutan, one of the most beautiful and happiest countries in the world. The trip had been wonderful, the only sore was too much walking, well almost all the time we were out. I had been wearing sneakers, but still given the cold weather and my extremely dry skin, my feet were the bearer of all the brunt. I tried using rich creams and petroleum jelly, but to my disgrace it piled up on the dead cells as a thick film of grease. It was becoming dark and dirty and I did not know what to do!! Then one day while I was going through the clothes in my bag, I just found the best thing, that could be of help at that time-the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sheer Care Dry Skin Soap Review

Hey beautifuls, how can I stay away from my love, handmade soaps for long? And so, today I am back with the review of Sheer Care Dry Skin Soap.

About Sheer Care Dry Skin Soap:
Super nourishing bar with olive oil, castor oil, soyabean oil, coconut oil, and milk this bar is a treat for those rough,dry winters. This bar creates a lotion like lather that cleanses mildly without drying the skin. Fragrance free bar suitable for all skin types specially dry and rough skin.

Price: Rs.350 for 170 g Available here

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The #MoroccanExperience at Lakme Absolute Salon

A lazy Sunday afternoon can actually be turned to a superb one, if you want to get a feel of Morocco. Well, it is not that difficult as Lakme Aboslute Salon offers the rich experience of the traditional Moroccan Beauty secret, The Moroccan Argan Oil. So, you get a taste of their service, at the salon, that would be specifically selected according to the kind of hair you have.

Last Sunday, I have been to the Lakme Aboslute Salon at Bandra to get the feel of the #MoroccanExperience. At the salon I was treated cordially by the Moroccan Oil Team, led by the very friendly and awesome Dimpi Patange. Dimpi checked my hair and suggested I go for the Hydrating Weightless Spa, that is specifically designed for dry frizzy hair that suffers from thinning.

The Charges of the Moroccan Oil Hair Spa is Rs.2400/-

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#TheKumbhMelaExperience I had this Weekend

Let me be frank to you today, the first 2 things that come to my mind, after hearing Kumbh Mela are the stampedes and the Naga Sadhus!!And I am sure, most of you will agree with me, unless of course you have had a first hand experience or had a chance to catch the screening of the wonderful documentary, "Conversation at the Kumbh Mela" by Anugraha at Nehru Centre, Mumbai. on Saturday.

The documentary was a real eye opener for many among the audience present there. Kumbh Mela, in contrary to popular beliefs, is not only a crowd of religious fanatics, who can go to any height for the sake of religion. There is definitely much more to it. From the director, Yashodara Udupa's perspective, the experience depends absolutely on the individual's point of view. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

SoulTree Ayurvedic Kajal in Fern Green Review & Indian Government's Notice on Toxin in Beauty Products

We have very few beauty brands, specially makeup that rely solely on nature's secret ingredients to make the products. Indian Government is waking up to toxic chemicals in beauty products. A Public Interest Notice has been issued on leading dailies that has addressed the inclusion of leads, Parabens and SLS in beauty products.

SoulTree is one of those brands, that has gone ahead and come up with toxin-free makeup products for us. Today I will be reviewing the SoulTree Ayurvedic Kajal in Fern Green.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Orange Icon & Cherry Crush Review

There was a time when I had more than 250 lipsticks in my stash and believe me I used them all. But now, I have limited my lipstick addiction and only stick to a few types of shades. I mostly like pinks, reds, wines and berries. The ones I avoid are browns and oranges. Recently Maybelline has come up with its Color Show lipsticks and I have been sent the Orange Icon and Cherry Crush for review.

About Maybelline Color Show Lipstick :
Maybelline New York launches 32 new lipstick shades with the most stunning hues of red, pink, brown and mauve. They are vibrant moisture rich shades to suit all Indian skin tones. Enriched with ultra-care hydrating formula which gives your lips all day hydration. They are anti-oxidant and and heat resistant, which guarantees color integrity and does not even fade in extreme heat and humidity. Are you ready to show off your colorful sides?
Here's why you will love it:
- Enriched with ultra-care hydrating formula
- 32 vibrant moisture rich shades
- Lip color doesn’t fade in extreme heat and humidity
- Shades to suit all Indian skin tones, Place for your Gain

We often sell our used products on e-commerce sites, in exchange of money and most of the time the deals we get are not that great. I am sure it does not feel great to sell your precious belongings at a rate you are not satisfied with. So how about exchanging those for something that would be equally beneficial to you, instead of taking peanuts? Well is here to make your wish fulfill.

About is a place where you can exchange your products with new ones from different buyers/sellers. The categories ranges from

  • Mobiles/Tablets
  • Home/Furniture
  • Electronics/Computers Appliances
  • Books/Hobbies 
  • Clothing/Luggage/Accessories
  • Sports/Fitness/Outdoor
  • Bicycles, Kids/Baby
  • Movies/Music/Gaming 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ida Naturals Silky Smoothie Body Butter Review

Body butters and me are inseparable. So, when I had my hands on the Ida Naturals Silky Smoothie Body Butter, I almost jumped with joy, and today I will be sharing my experience of the body butter with you.

About Ida Naturals Silky Smoothie Body Butter:
This gorgeously whipped silky body butter is super smooth and fabulously moisturizing. It melts straight in, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Ingredients: Packed with a combination of butters (Mango butter, Shea butter, Sal butter), nourishing and moisturizing oils, Vitamin E and pure essential oils.

Rs.110/- for 10 gm
Rs.140/- for 15 gm
Rs. 400/- for 50 gm
Rs.480/- for 70 gm

My Envy Box July Edition Unboxing & Review

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing great. Today I'm going to review the My Envy Box July 2015 Edition. The one that the winner of the #BirthdayThemeIdeas will get. So, lets jump in.

About My Envy Box:
My Envy Box is basically a subscription box which comes with samples from luxurious brands. My Envy Box is based out of New Delhi and launched our services in August, 2013. We have three sections in this website:
The Envy Box: Each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products

850/- per month.

All Good Scents Lolette Eau De Parfum Review & Discount Code Offer

Perfume is the most intense form of memory. This saying holds true in every sense , specially for a person like me. I am crazy about good fragrances. My choices are clear-cut, very feminine, it should be either floral, fruity or a bit nutty-sweet with a bit of warmth as amber. And here is a perfume , which to my delight is absolutely feminine. I am talking about All Good Scents Lolette Eau De Parfum .

About All Good Scents Lolette Eau De Parfum:
Revel in a sensual and dainty aura as you celebrate with this floral bouquet.Enjoy the mischievous sparkle that will follow you, leaving many yearning for more.

Price: Rs.1200 for 50 ml Available

Friday, July 24, 2015

@MyVolini, the Official #Kabaddikabuddy for #PatnaPirates

Most of my family members are sports enthusiasts, well, barring me. I have had my trial and error takes on the field, with a bid of athletics, basketball and yes, kabaddi. However, I was miserable and most of the time was left embarrassed with the under-performance. No matter how bad I was on the tracks, I also endured pain, which sometimes was unbearable. I used to wonder, and still wonder how much pain those sportsmen have to go through, regularly, specially those who are into power sports like Kabaddi!!

However, there is a ray of bright light for those champs of the Kabaddi field, as Volini Pain relief partners of Patna Pirates. Volini no. 1 doctor recommended pain brand, recently announced its association with Patna Pirates, one of the three Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League teams. @MyVolini is playing a vital role by helping sports players fight pain as after partnering with marathons across the country, this is Volini's second tie-up with sports.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

#MonsoonMagicMoment Twitter Contest (Closed)

Beauty & Beyond along with Floatingmonster is back again with an awesome contest for both MEN and WOMEN.


 We have awesome hampers for winners- 1 for men & 1 for women.

Rules of the Contest? Very Simple

1. Follow Floatingmonster & Beauty & Beyond  on Twitter

2Tweet your best #MonsoonMagicMoment and tag @Floatingmons and @jhilmildsaha

Share on all your social media about this contest.The More you share the more your chances of winning.

Isn't it simple and fun. Contest starts today and ends on 20th august Hurry and participate.

P.S.  Contest open to Indian residents only.Winner will be decided on 25 august.
Till then Happy Twitting!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack Review

By now you must have known that I have been using products from certain skin care brands of late, and one of them is Juvena Herbals. Today I will be talking about the Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack.

About Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack:
Juvena's most popular anti-Pigmentation, anti-wrikle/anti-ageing pack is loaded with herbal extracts of Lodra, Manjishtha, Bealgiri, Majuphal, Rasonth, Almond, Chironjee and Honey. This pack is cooked in juice of Sugarcane. It is enriched with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang ,wheatgerm and beauty minerals , making it highly effectiveas anti-pigmentation, anti-ageing, anti-tan Pack. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

Price: Rs.300 for 155 g

Men's E-Guide to Be The Ultimate Gentleman of 2015 at vouchercloud

"When I shop the world gets better, the world is better and then it is not so I need to do it again". Well, who doesn't love to shop? I don't know about you guys but honestly I love shopping. You know there's always a "but" in everything. The "but" in every shopaholic's mind is the budget and the price. We fall in love with so many products but we buy one or two of them or hardly buy just keep browsing. Well, not to worry. There's one solution to your problem and the solution's name is vouchercloud .

Yes, vouchercloud is such a place where you get coupons for every site starting from Flipkart to Amazon. Yes, for each of your favorite sites. Not only we girls love fashion but the young boys of our generation and the metrosexual men are getting attached to it as well. We know that today's gentlemen look is not only limited to suits and boots but also extends to casual wear and colour that speaks comfort with individuality. Whether getting ready for college or office or dressing up for parties or just a casual day out, you will find them fighting with their wardrobe. There are so many questions in mind like what pair to wear? What pair of shoes to wear? What to accessorize with? And the “what”s just pile up. There are so many posts and tips and tutorials out there that you ultimately get confused with and you actually fail to figure out anything. I have this one stop solution for all the fashion conscious men out there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum Review

Those of you who are regular with my updates, must be knowing how particular I am with my skincare. I strictly follow a Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing Routine. And a little trick that I add in that routine is the inclusion of a serum. I have been using the Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum for a while now and today will be talking about it.

About Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum:
Formulated with highly effective ingredients, our serum helps repair mature, dull and damaged skin. It promotes tissue regeneration, helps repair elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and spots, fades and heals scars,stretch marks & acne spots, removes toxins and water build up in the skin to give a fresher, more firm appearance.

Price: Rs. 300 for 8ml

Dare to Dream with Flipkart as #AbHarWishHogiPoori

I often feel that I am too lazy to explore much outside my usual job of writing on my blog. However, if you are a blogger, the dormant wish to make videos sometimes spreads its tentacles and then you may feel like getting up from your Rip-Van-Winkle state to make a good video. With due respect to all those YouTubers and vloggers out there, I find it a Herculean task to achieve. One of the many reasons for this fear is the absence of a good camcorder in my life.I wished that I could have a small compact camera and could go from writing everyday to creating video.

While several people LOVE gadgets, I am not one of them. I coaxed my husband for months to help me choose one for me, but thanks to his busy schedule, it never happened. So when I saw the suave and stylist Fashion Blogger Sarang had chosen a Bluetooth Speaker from Flipkart, I knew where do I have to head to fulfill my desire. For the first time, I went into tech mode and rummaged through the options at in search of that one camcorder, made for me.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Do Decor with Deco Window & Deco Home

Since I am a homemaker first and then a blogger, anything that promises to give my home a good makeover, definitely excites me a lot. So, when I went to the HGH 2015 Expo, Mumbai, I was very fascinated by the beautiful home decor collections around me. One store, in particular caught my fancy, and that is the Deco Window. There are a multiple reasons why Deco Window stands apart from rest of the lot.

About Deco Window 
Deco window ( ) is from the house of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports and this is the reason why all the offerings are great in quality with some good value for money. You can choose from a great range of curtain rods online , buy curtains online and even buy cushions online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for the curtains to suit the ranging sizes of your windows and doors.

Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil Review

Today, after a very long time I will be reviewing a hair oil. I had not been using hair oil for a while in between as I was undergoing a hair treatment. However, after that  And it is Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil.

About Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil:
Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil is an amalgamation of several Ayurvedic Herbs in sesam and coconut oil, known for their beneficial properties for hair since ages. Nourishing properties of these oils are easily absorbed into the scalp,stimulate hair follicle to promote growth. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp area;make the head deeply relaxed thus balancing the body energy flow. Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil has been clinically tested to prove its efficacy. Over a 8 week Period, Hair Fall was reduced by 64% and hair growth was increased to extent of uptp 8cm* under clinical test conditions. Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Oil acts on your hair at 3 leve. It coats the hair shaft and prevents it from breaking. It penetrates into the scalp and stimulates the hair follicle to grow thereby increasing the anagen hair. It reduces all hair problem and damages leading to strong and lustrous hair. For best result also use Banjara's Samvridhi Hair Pack.

Price: Rs.299 Available here at 15% discount

Friday, July 17, 2015

MSM July Express Box Unboxing, Review

Hola guys!! Hope you all are doing great. Ok, today I am very very excited as I am going to review something which I never tried before and this is the first time I got my hands on it. Its the July MSM Express box. So, without further ado let's get into it.

About Msm Box: MSM stands for My Style Mile. began in 2012 as a beauty & fashion blog, with the aim of providing quality content to its readers, and of keeping them updated with the latest trends in India and abroad.

However the co-founder and chief editor, Bindu (a self-confessed beauty junkie herself!) soon realized that more was needed than just content. She realized how difficult and inefficient it was to sift through innumerable beauty brands in the market and to figure out which one to buy. Thus was born the idea of a curated beauty box service. was finally launched in Oct 2014.

Simply put, is a discovery e-commerce platform that offers consumers the opportunity to buy, try and enjoy beauty brands in the market.

10 Reasons to buy the new Asus Zenfone 2

Buying a new cellphone is like buying new heart. Our cellphones decide our popularity and style. Buying a new cellphone for style doesn't mean taking a costly ones. It means taking cool stylish cellphone with all the latest technology at low cost.
In market you will find many good brands having many hand sets with a variety of features and latest technology but my personal favorite and my choice is ASUS ZENFONE 2.It is a fully packed cellphone with latest technology but at an affordable price. Here are features of Zenfone 2 and also 10 reasons to consider when you are buying good cellphone.

1. Brand:The first and the main thing which we consider to buy any product is its brand and company. From this only we came to know whether we can trust that product or not. No one will be there who don't know Asus brand. Asus is a public company which deals with computer hardware electronics. Nowadays Asus is very famous for his cellphone and laptops. So all the products are very well and anyone can those blindly.

2. Design: The second thing we consider to buy any cellphone is its design and look. In everything we buy looks matter. ZenFone 2 has incredibly-slim 3.9mm edges. The iconic ASUS concentric-circle design adorns both the front and rear key, giving a beautiful, tactile effect. This effect is achieved through precision machining that produces circles with a mere 0.13mm pitch, giving ZenFone 2 a premium look and feel. Snapping selfies, adjusting the volume and retracing your steps now feels completely natural, regardless of whether you are right- or left-handed. The elegant new shape feels secure and extremely comfortable to hold.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dial C for Necessity, Not Shame!!

We often notice men getting panicky and almost on the verge of sweating, inside drugstore and local supermarkets. They seem to be asking for something but start fumbling in front of the druggist. It does not take us time to know what they are asking for. They are asking for condoms, which by many is still being considered a taboo to speak or write about. But why?

We shy away to discuss matters of unprotected physical relations with youngsters. However, we fail to understand that in this world of digitization, today's youth is exposed to a lot of things which we may also be not aware of. There are instances of unwanted pregnancies, due to unprotected physical relationship. Should we not be more responsible and keep things safe and healthy?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

USGoBuy Helps You Buy From US

Date: 1-6-2015
Freight shipping firms give various services to cater the need of the customer. Ranging from transportation in big segments where truck load full and other manufacturing shipments are shipped, they also provide their services in shipping all sort of household goods too.

USGoBuy also give shipping services for vehicle transportation from the manufacturer to the distributors across country. Other services covered by them include office movers, parcel delivery, transfer etc. The various kinds of time bound services are also given to the customers as per their need. Different charges are charged to him such type of services which include time bound delivery, urgent delivery and day bound delivery.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Summer & Winter Outfits

Every fashionista needs to be updated all the time with the latest trends in fashion and style. The latest can be readily learnt from trend-setting fashion shows and fashion weeks, where all the designers showcase their latest designs. However, these designs can cost a bomb and will make a big hole in our pockets. But, we have places like Tidestore, where you can catch up with the best of latest designs at unbelievably low price.

Now, we need cool summary blouses during the hot weathers, of course not compromising with our individual style. Tidestore brings to you awesome online discount blouses(here), that can just bring the needed vibe to your summer wardrobe in a big way.

This layered blouse in white and green combination can bring out the youthful you in you. It looks chic and can be paired with a pair of denim as well as girly skirts.

Honda All New Jazz 2015

The feeling of driving a luxurious car and sitting in it is like flying in the sky.Most of the people are interested in cars with all the amenities and luxuries.It is rare to find cars that are cheap but have all the luxurious features.Now the wait is over.Honda has launched its All New Jazz and it is truly said that "Nothing else is a Jazz" and now after reading its feature I am sure you will also feel the same.
The specifications of all New Jazz? Well, you have to read:


The all new Honda Jazz stands apart with its sporty cross fade mono form design. Bold, super-slick front strongly expresses attitude whereas side character lines, dynamic alloy wheels and rear spoiler makes heads turn every time. It's an aerodynamic burst of energy symbolizing speed and
Its exterior contain:
  • Sporty sleek wraparound heads lamp

  • Dynamic alloy wheel

  • Rear license chrome garnish

  • Tailgate spoiler with integrated LED stop lamp

  • jazz2Electrically adjustable & foldable outside mirror   with turn light

  • Premium Led Rear Tail lamp

  •  Rear micro roof antenna

  • Front log lamp

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation Review

Hey beautifuls, you must be knowing, when it comes to foundations, I cannot stop myself from splurging a few hundred bucks more than what I usually do on beauty products. And when I got the newly launched Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation for review, I was simply excited.

About Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation:
Oil Free and Water Based Formula
For pinkish white skin with a natural pinkish glow and translucent finish.
Available in 6 shades.

Price: Rs.700 for 30 ml Available here

My Envy Box #BirthdayThemeIdeas winner

Hey guys. Firstly I want to thank you all for participating in the contest and showering with all your love and blessings. That's all I needed. I loved your theme ideas and wish I could select everyone as a winner. However, as per the contest rules we could have only 1 winner. So, without much delay we announce the winner's name

Congratulations Shilpa Shetty
Your idea was really unique.

Please send your details ASAP to

Those who haven't won please don't be disheartened as we have many more coming soon and everyone gets a chance. I just want to request you guys to keep sending me your best wishes and keep showering me with your love and blessings so that I can grow up becoming a very good human being first. Thank you all.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hang Out at Lakeside Mini Punjab

Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on I'm contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Lakeside Mini Punjab and sharing my views with you all!

A few days back we decided to try some new Pubs and bars in Mumbai, along with some of our friends. We wanted to go somewhere where the ambiance will be ideal to hang around with friends. We visited the Lakeside Mini Punjab lounge which is situated just opposite to the Powai Lake. The location and ambiance is quite cool. Situated on the ever busy JVLR Road in Powai, this food joint faces the lake. There are sitting arrangements both indoors and on the terrace top.

As the sitting arrangement of the indoors was too formal for our taste, we selected the Roof Top.The Roof top was done in a real road side Dhaba like d├ęcor. There was sitting arrangements on both normal wooden chair-table as well as on Dhaba like Cots or Charpai. It is quite unique and really comfortable when you are with friends to sit on a Charpai, talk your heart out and eat spicy food.

Indi wallet