Monday, July 6, 2015

A Cold Shower a Day Keeps the Dermat away: #Rewardme

Since my childhood I have heard that the best thing is to use lukewarm water as your bath water. I have always followed that, although during the gruesome summer times, I cheat on with my dose of real cold showers sometimes. And, frankly I love those sessions. These are times, when I feel that let's not listen to the age old norms and do something which you like doing. And today, an article from has really opened my eyes.

This article speaks extensively of the benefits of a cold shower, much to my interest. Do you know, that cold shower can actually increase your metabolism? Metabolism- perhaps the most important factor that decides on our weight and health directly or indirectly. So, taking cold showers can be your short and sweet form of exercising that can actually burn the calories

Healthy hair is something I always dream of. And when I saw cold showers can actually give you your preferred wavy mane, my enthusiasm just doubled up. Aren’t we all crazy after long and beautiful hair.

Did we even know that a cold shower can close your pores? Imagine if your pores are closed, all impurities will be stopped from entering your skin, making it ever fresh and trouble-free. Thus is the power of cold shower.

Cold showers and soft feet? Sounds absurd, but actually it is true as cold water stimulates better blood circulation thus making the feet soft and supple.

The article is written in simple language and deals with a very unique topic. No one would have thought of so many benefits of taking a cold shower. I love the way it has in brief added the reason of the benefits of cold shower. This proves that a lot of research had taken place while writing the article. It has also said that the shower should not be too long. Brief cold showers are the actual beneficial ones that can give us our desired results in beauty and skin care.

So, I am totally influenced by this article and am going to start taking brief cold showers more often now. I am sure it is going to benefit in the ways the article has shown. I am happy, excited and equally enthusiastic to start my tiny sessions of cold showers to make me and my skin better. Now I can say, a cold shower a day can keep the Dermat away.

 “I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

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