Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dial C for Necessity, Not Shame!!

We often notice men getting panicky and almost on the verge of sweating, inside drugstore and local supermarkets. They seem to be asking for something but start fumbling in front of the druggist. It does not take us time to know what they are asking for. They are asking for condoms, which by many is still being considered a taboo to speak or write about. But why?

We shy away to discuss matters of unprotected physical relations with youngsters. However, we fail to understand that in this world of digitization, today's youth is exposed to a lot of things which we may also be not aware of. There are instances of unwanted pregnancies, due to unprotected physical relationship. Should we not be more responsible and keep things safe and healthy?

Apart from the issue of unwanted pregnancies, there is also a problem of passing diseases, both infectious and in some cases fatal too. Condoms can prove to be a protector in these kind of situations. Physical need and attraction is something which sometimes may go out of control, in moments of passion. However, to protect ourselves, and our partners is solely in our hands and is absolutely our own responsibility.

India, as a nation is striving to be one of the world leaders in every aspect. One of the main hindrances to this growth, is of course it’s ever increasing population. This uncontrolled situation has created to higher rate of illiteracy. Most of the citizens do not get proper education and obviously unaware of evils of unprotected intimacy. There is a need to make these people aware of the situation and to educate them on safe physical relations.

Often people complain about the availability of condoms, and like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, they feel shy to ask for condoms in front of others. However, online stores like have come up with a solution for them. You can order your choice, from your home and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Easy accessibility, quick search options, variety of choices, safe payment and fast delivery are some of the features that will make your shopping experience quite pleasant.

The time has come to shrug off your inhibitions and consider using condoms as a necessity, not a shame. Be more responsible, advocate safe and protected physical relation.

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