Monday, July 20, 2015

Do Decor with Deco Window & Deco Home

Since I am a homemaker first and then a blogger, anything that promises to give my home a good makeover, definitely excites me a lot. So, when I went to the HGH 2015 Expo, Mumbai, I was very fascinated by the beautiful home decor collections around me. One store, in particular caught my fancy, and that is the Deco Window. There are a multiple reasons why Deco Window stands apart from rest of the lot.

About Deco Window 
Deco window ( ) is from the house of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports and this is the reason why all the offerings are great in quality with some good value for money. You can choose from a great range of curtain rods online , buy curtains online and even buy cushions online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for the curtains to suit the ranging sizes of your windows and doors.

Deco Window brand can be widely divided in 2 functional groups:

Deco Window is a one stop destination for all your window related decorative things and more. Their specialization includes:
Curtain Rods: Deco Window curtain rods are available in an array of styles, keeping in mind the needs of the customers and starts at Rs.999

Curtains: Deco Window curtains can turn your home into a delightful abode. They have incredible designs.

Blinds: Deco Window Blinds are one of their hero products, specially as they have the Roman Blinds with beautiful designs and installation services provided at very affordable price and discounts available.

Tiebacks: Just for Rs.199, you get beautiful Deco Window tiebacks to give your curtains a special touch.

Cushions: Personally Deco Window cushions thrilled me the most as I am a cushion-lover. Ranging from filled cushions and decorative covers, they have it all at very reasonable price.

Bedding: Another of my favourite subject is luxurious bedding and Deco Window bedding is very impressive, starting from Rs6999, they have very high quality bedding with irresistible designs.

Trimming: Frankly I have never seen so many variety of trimmings ever, like Deco Window trimming offers. Starting from less than Rs.100 and available in all forms, their trimming designs are really eye-catching.

Motorized Rods: Again this is a completely new concept that I had come across. Deco Window Motorized rods gives you the ease of opening and shutting the curtains from anywhere inside the room with access to a multiple windows.

Deco Home: Deco Home is a place where you can get all the things that you need to set up your home and garden.

Door Seals: Deco Home door seals protect the doors from rough weather and the multi-functional bottom seal is meant to protect from fire, heat loss, sound leakage and smoke. The airtight seal provides reduction of infiltration from various elements of harsh weather.

Garden Torches: The beautification of your abode does not only mean the indoors, it includes portion of the outdoor too, like porch and garden. Deco Home garden torches are your ultimate accessory to beautify the outside of your home. Available in 4 pieces, these adorable torches also can be lit with garden torch citronella oi, that are non combustible and are available on Deco Window website.

Runners: Deco Home runners are available in a lot of superb designs and shapes, to instantly give your dining table that special touch.

Wall Shelving: Deco Home wall shelving can be useful both for the house as well as the workplace. These not only make your walls look good but also can be very useful to keep your regular stuffs and show pieces.

Cushions: Deco Home offers designer cushion covers that can instantly brighten and take your home decor to a different level. Place them at your couch, sofa, chairs and just observe the difference they make.

Bedding: Deco Home bedding are available in very selective and posh designs that will create a feeling of warmth and belonging.

Deco Window believes in customization of its services across clients. That is one of their plus points and you will get customized furnishing, curtains, cushions etc. Their Custom Curtain collection is definitely the best thing one can expect, with a wide variety in fabric types, trim options, styles, hardware options. The Deco Window team arranges everything once you make your selection and then provides a quote. After the deal is done the curtain gets shipped in just 2 weeks and sometimes with free shipping.

With Deco Window and Deco Home you can turn your home into your sweet home, at very affordable price. Home is not a place....its a feeling and Deco Window makes this feeling more pleasurable and warm. So, home with Deco Window is where the heart is.

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