Friday, July 10, 2015

#HoneyDietIsHere with Dabur Honey

Its summer time. So, its ice-cream time. It's milkshake time. It’s time to crash our diet plan and it’s time to drown in calories. But-- there's always a but in everything. But, aren't we harming ourselves by forgeting our healthy diet? Of course we are. A healthy diet plan not only keeps us healthy but provides our body with the right amount of proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and more. It keeps us fit and fine. It also helps in maintaining our figure. It improves digestion as well. A balanced diet cuts off extra fat. It also improves blood circulation in our body. Intake of lots of salads and green vegetables provide us with minerals and vitamins. Intake of fruits and fresh juices keeps us cool and hydrated.

Whereas a crash diet plan can make us ill. All of a sudden, if we stop eating, it is going to cause major damage to our health system. We know,intake of lots of calories like ice-cream, smoothies, milkshakes with lots of sugar can be the reason of obesity as well as indigestion and more diseases. Then why not replace the sugar with our favourite Dabur Honey? Honey has many health benefits. Honey helps in management of weight, acts as a wonderful substitute for sugar, helps during cough and cold, acts as a source of energy, provides better digestion and beautiful skin. So, throw that sugar out of your kitchen today and replace it with honey. Here I present to you a few diet tips cum recipes with Dabur Honey. 
Check out:

1) Green tea and honey: Craving for tea? But do you know ordinary tea consists of some 60 calories and add some more of the sugar. So, just replace your regular tea with green tea and sugar with Dabur Honey. This will satisfy your cravings as well as will keep your health in control without cutting off the sweetness.

2) Lukewarm water with limejuice and honey: Now, this is the most common thing we know. We usually mix a glass of lukewarm water with enough lime juice and drink it early in the morning before we have something else. But, that sourness? Oh my God, it’s horrible. Discard the sourness by adding a tablespoon of Dabur Honey. This will help in your weight management and you don't have to sacrifice your sweet craving at all.

3) Have your favourite milkshake or smoothie: Yes you can have your favourite milkshake or smoothie without adding sugar but with the same sweetness. How? Just add the ingredients in the mixer and instead of sugar add Dabur Honey and blend. Yum yum- ready to savour. Now you can keep away extra fats from your body without sacrificing your favourites.

4) Have sugarfree desserts but not sweetness free:-Yes, now you can have desserts without sugar but with sweetness. How? Very simple, just add Dabur Honey to your dessert instead of sugar and get the same sweetness with more flavour. Such a lavishing luxurious diet plan, isn't it?

5) Some cookies and cake: - Yes bake your favourite almond cookies only by replacing sugar with our favourite Dabur Honey and enjoy!!!! Diet done!!

So, these are a few honey diet tips from my side. If you want extra shine then workout for atleast 10 minutes regularly without forgetting the Dabur honey in your diet plan replacing the sugar. These will surely work wonder for you as #HoneyDietIsHere. Hope you find these tips useful. Do, try them out.

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