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Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack Review

Handcrafted skin care products are great for your skin. While my stay in Europe I used to see how people used to go crazy over any handmade lip balms or scrubs sold in the local weekly markets. I failed to understand the craze at that time and continued using the over the counter products. After returning to India, when I started using handmade skincare products I could identify what difference it makes to my skin, and there was no looking back. One of my favourite skin care brands is Ida Naturals and today I will review Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack.

About Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack :
This Natural Skin Glow Pack is a 100% Herbal pack that can be applied on the face or body. This pack provides all the natural nutrients required for improving the growth of skin tissues, replacing dead skin cells and repairing skin damage.

30 gm - Rs. 85/-
40 gm - Rs. 110/-
50 gm - Rs. 140/-
100 gm - Rs. 260/-
150 gm - Rs. 380/-

Packaging: Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack comes in a small transparent jar with a twist open cover.

Product: The pack is a very fine light brownish powder with a herbal smell.

My Experience: I have had enough of chemically laden face packs being used on my skin. Nowadays I rely mainly on all natural skin care products and Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack is 100% pure. Made with turmeric, vetiver and green gram, among other ingredients, this face pack removes all dullness from skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It is very easy to use too, you just have to take a spoonfull for your face and add with either plain water or milk, depending upon your skin type. I mix it with either rose water or milk and apply all over my face and neck, leaving it for 15-20 minutes. As I rinse it off I can feel the difference immediately. It can be a little drying sometimes, so as suggested I apply a small amount of virgin coconut oil on my face and the result is outstanding. 

Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack is definitely not an Instant glow pack. It does not contain any artificial brightening agents to give instant radiance. However, it definitely clears the skin and makes dull skin fresher and brighter. With regular use , Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack gives a wonderful even toned skin. I have seen a lot of difference on tanning too. The only issue is with the packaging, I wish it had an inner lid to protect the powder from dripping.

1.Made with 100% natural ingredients
2.Freshens up skin
3. Removes dirt and oiliness
4.Revives dull skin
5.Suitable for all skin types
6.Improves complexion with regular use
7.Can be mixed with milk /rose water

1.Packaging can be improved


Ida Naturals Skin Glow Pack is an awesome glow enhancing pack that improves the overall complexion, making it flawless and even.

To know more about Ida Naturals check their Facebook Page here

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