Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub Review

Handmade products and organic skin care items are slowly and steadily replacing my usual cosmetics nowadays. One of the brands I have just started loving is Juicy Chemistry. Toady I will be reviewing the Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub.

About Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub:
Absorbs excess oil, dirt and bacteria from the skin. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Fights dull, flaky dryness. Improves skin tone and texture. Deep moisturises the skin leaving it soft and supple.

Price: Rs.300

Packaging: Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub comes in a simple transparent packaging, with the brand name Initials printed on the cap.

Product: The scrub is a khaki green coloured powder with a herbal smell and a subtle hint of floral essence.

My Experience: I am a strongest believer in the goodness of exfoliation. I have done it, experienced it and got tremendous benefits out of it. The Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub is meant for oily skin. Thankfully it came in the right time when it was horridly hot in Mumbai. I have combination skin that goes pretty oily during summers. And this scrub was a bliss at that time. First of all I love the simple but sturdy packaging of Juicy Chemistry products. They make sure to provide an inner lid so that the powdery stuffs remain protected. Second is the fragrance which has its own herbal charm and added to it is the floral touch of Avarampoo Sena. The scrub is quite easy to use. Although it is suggested to be used directly from the jar and just mix with water, I being a milk lover, mix it in a bowl with milk and scrub away the dead skin cells.

Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub is a wonderful exfoliating product, that immediately freshens up the skin. The skin gets rid of dullness and shine and looks radiant. It makes the skin so soft that you do not really require any moisturizer. The scrub is in a powder form and not at all abrasive on skin. the minute powdery particles gets into the pores and takes out all dirt.

1.Controls shine
2.Makes skin fresh
3.Removes dead skin cells
4.Somewhat effective on blackheads
5.Smells nice
6.Nice packaging
7.Not abrasive
8.Makes the skin glowing
9.Can be used a s a face mask too
10.Improves complexion
11. Does not make skin dry

1.Not sure how it will be on sensitive skin


Juicy Chemistry Avarampoo Sena Face Scrub is a wonderful exfoliating product with antibacterial properties that controls shine and prevents from other issues of oily skin. I strongly suggest this scrub for those who love it all natural.

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