Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum Review

Those of you who are regular with my updates, must be knowing how particular I am with my skincare. I strictly follow a Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing Routine. And a little trick that I add in that routine is the inclusion of a serum. I have been using the Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum for a while now and today will be talking about it.

About Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum:
Formulated with highly effective ingredients, our serum helps repair mature, dull and damaged skin. It promotes tissue regeneration, helps repair elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and spots, fades and heals scars,stretch marks & acne spots, removes toxins and water build up in the skin to give a fresher, more firm appearance.

Price: Rs. 300 for 8ml

Packaging: Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum comes in a glass bottle with a white dropper cap.

Product: The serum is very concentrated in texture with a pleasant herbal-oily smell

My Experience: As I said, I love my serums, so obviously Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum was something that really fascinated me. The idea of cell construction in itself gives food to think about. Factors like age, pollution, environment, climatic conditions and genes, affect a lot on our skin. This may result in premature ageing with visible signs of spots, fine lines, dullness and wrinkles. Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum is an all-in-one antidote for all these perils of skin. Primarily, I like the tiny bottle it comes in and the dropper cap which allows a small amount to be dispersed for your skin. The smell, may not be pleasant for all, but I am absolutely okay with it. The texture is very concentrated but immediately gets absorbed by the skin. I apply it during the night and a very small drop is enough to cover my face. I keep enough time for the serum to get soaked in and then use my night cream.

The Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum immediately hydrates the skin. You will not find any immediate effect but you should observe your skin the next morning and it will surely be much different and glowing. With continuous use, I observed a change in skin's texture. I liked how smooth my skin has become and the pores have actually been refined to a great extent. I have not been suffering from any spots in recent times, so my major concern was the pores and a bit of uneven skin tone. I can see a lot of difference in both with the use of Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum, every night.

1.Made with natural oils
2.Very effective on pores
3.Skin looks youthful and radiant
4.Improves skin texture
5.Improves skin tone
6.Dropper present
7.Smells nice
8.Very concentrated
9.Suitable for all skin types
10.Works on spots and wrinkles

1.Glass packaging
2.May be a bit too greasy for very oily skin


Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum is a wonderful repairing serum that gives the skin a new makeover and provides a youthful radiance with regular use. It is a very strong recommendation from my side.

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