Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack Review

By now you must have known that I have been using products from certain skin care brands of late, and one of them is Juvena Herbals. Today I will be talking about the Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack.

About Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack:
Juvena's most popular anti-Pigmentation, anti-wrikle/anti-ageing pack is loaded with herbal extracts of Lodra, Manjishtha, Bealgiri, Majuphal, Rasonth, Almond, Chironjee and Honey. This pack is cooked in juice of Sugarcane. It is enriched with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang ,wheatgerm and beauty minerals , making it highly effectiveas anti-pigmentation, anti-ageing, anti-tan Pack. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

Price: Rs.300 for 155 g

Packaging: Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack comes in a white an red outer cardboard packaging. The jar is white in colour with a white twist-open cover.

Product: The pack is reddish brown in colour with a clay-watery consistency and a herbal smell.

My Experience: I do not use much of anti-ageing packs, and as suggested by Mrs.Medha, I apply the Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack on my body, which actually suffers from dryness, lack of elasticity and other factors of ageing. So, what I do is cleanse my body with a cleanser and apply this pack all over, concentrating on the drier areas and keep it for 15-20 minutes. It is best to mix milk along with the the pack and apply as this is god for dry and mature skin and milk is a natural conditioner. 

The use of Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack has made my body skin quite softer, in comparison to how dry actually it gets. I use this pack twice a week and have really been benefited as I can feel the dry areas like my knees and elbows do not get whitish with dryness now. I have had some issues with tanning on my arms, and Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack has been quite helpful to even out the skin colour on these areas. Some of the features that can be improved in the pack are definitely the packaging. There is a tendency for the pack to leak and get messy around the mouth. Also, people with very oily skin may not find the pack that helpful.

1.All natural ingredients
2.Very effective on dry skin
3.Removes tan
4.Has strong anti-ageing properties
5.Helps in hydrating the skin
6.Essential oils of Ylang Ylang

1.Packaging can be improved
2.May not suit very oily skin


Juvena Herbals Black Rose Anti Ageing Pack is a good product for beauties with dry skin like mine. I have used it on my body as my body skin is dry and suffers from pigmentation and other issues. However, if you face similar problems on you face, please use the pack on face too.

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