Monday, July 6, 2015

Khushi ke Pal se Khulajaye Bachpan

Parenting is probably the hardest task that we encounter in our lives. To be a good and ideal parent is a mammoth work, a very hard job. We often try to discipline our children by showing the strictest possible way, implementing harsh rules and almost unattainable regulations in their lives, just to make them realize their responsibilities and prepare them for their future.

However, in this process of making them ready to lead in future, are we not making them forget their childhood? Are we not letting them go far away from us? What if his responsibilities and his future can be built in a more structured and better way? What if we let ourselves loose a bit in front of them, what if we try to think like them and be a little like them? It is not that hard, afterall, we have been through that phase too.

I am talking here about "Buddy Parenting", a concept very new in India. The whole idea of buddy parenting revolves around the concept of interactive communication between the parent and the child. This means you dont have to instruct your children on what to do, but try to think like them and want to be them. Like we say parents are the best teacher to the children, we should know that the children are also the best teacher to their parents. Have you ever tried learning the functionality of the latest app from your child? Just try and you will know what a great teacher he can be.

I was the only child to my parents, I could have been highly pampered, often spoiled, However, although it was uncommon at that time and most of my friends were dead scared of their father, my dad was so cool and just like a friend. Yes he often spoiled me with lot of gifts, but when it came to disciplining, I never could remember a single time when he was harsh to me. He always made me understand where I went wrong. He encouraged me to get myself involved into various activities like crafts and writing. He taught me to sing, and I taught him to use computers. Till now whenever I visit him, we discuss on how to improve on each other's skills. I have seen from him , how a person can learn throughout his life. No experience in this world is wasted, every moment teaches you something new. At 70 today, he still wants to learn blogging from me. I feel really proud, that the man, whom I have worshiped and regarded as my biggest Hero, the man who I have considered as my greatest teacher, wants to learn everything from me today.

So bond with you children, be buddies with them, try to think their age and guide them accordingly. And you will see Khushi Ke Pal.

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