Monday, July 6, 2015

Learn to be Selfie-Ready with #Rewardme

Who doesn't want to look good? Yes, we all are beautiful in our own way but there are some things which we may want to hide or there are times when we want to look better. There's this trending new disease called selfie mania. Wherever we go , be it a shopping mall, a date with that special one, a hangout with friends or a small get together, it has become extremely necessary to capture yourself in your mobile or camera. Therefore, it is also that much important to look good throughout the day and take special care when it comes to your selfies. In a sentence if we do not look perfect, our imperfections reflect in a camera, specially when clicked with flash.

I'm a selfie lover as well as a beauty junkie. I guess that's what a beauty blogger should be. So, I am always looking for ways to look perfect. Sticking for hours in front of my pc and my tv, watching beauty programs throughout, is so much confusing. Some say- do this while some say do that. It actually becomes difficult to decide what to do and what not to. The biggest issue is time. All those methods are so time-consuming and confusing. I mean, come on who in the world has so much time now in today's stressful life to make 8 different packs for 8 different beauty issues? Hence, we need something which doesn't require much time.
I was browsing through the site of where I came across this article "5 Easy Ways To Perfect Mobile Makeup ". I found this article to be very useful as it will come handy in our everyday busy lives and is perfect for keeping that selfie game on. It talks about those mistakes which almost everyone of us make. For example most of us use HD powders. Even I was a culprit to do this mistake before reading this article. However it advises to use a translucent powder instead, so that will help you get rid of that extra shine. Since your shine will reflect in front of the camera and your selfies will look fake and overdone.

Keeping a blotting paper also helps. Then we often skip priming our skin before applying makeup but its a compulsory step as it protects our skin and also gives that natural glow. These steps are also recommended by some famous celebrity makeup artists. This article also suggests to hide our dark-circles and those spots. Using a corrector concealer is much more better than a lighter concealer. To make you look beautiful it also says to apply a little bit of colour. You can either use a bright lipstick or a light blush goes well too. Now the perfect posture is important as well. All of these tips are described elaborately in the article. I'm not just writing about this without any reasons. Of course I have a reason. The reason is I myself have tried all of these steps before and it worked incredibly well for me. So, I urge you guys to check this article out and see how useful it is. It will make you look perfect without much efforts. Go, check it out.

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

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